15 undeniable signs that you are made for each other

Soulmate Checklist

Even when we are madly in love with someone, it is often difficult to know if he or she is “good” for us. How do you know if you won’t feel differently in a year? Ten years ? A lifetime ?

Deciding whether you can engage with someone is a deeply personal decision, and each has different criteria. As in any judgment, you must start by examining the evidence.

With that in mind, here are 15 signs that you’re dating your soul mate. You don’t need to check all of these to be sure of someone, but if you can say yes to many, you’ve found someone very special.

1. You tell her things that you don’t tell anyone else.

It’s not about saying things after drinking too much wine, but the desire to tell her intimate details about your life means that you trust her – a major component of successful long-term love.

2. You let her see you in moments of weakness.

It’s easy to be happy with someone when you feel good in life. But what about when you don’t go well? Do you want to see it when you were refused a raise, or when your cat died, or when you had a bad day? It should be a comfort in difficult times, not a burden.

3. You respect it.

You don’t want to change what it is. There may be things that irritate you in everyday life, like insisting on wearing your favorite t-shirt, eating sweet cereal for dinner, or watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, but you simply love it.

4. You want him to meet your parents.

You feel proud of him and want to show him off, instead of feeling compelled to make excuses for him.

5. You can imagine a future together.

You don’t have to practice writing your first name with your last name, but let your mind wander from time to time to imagine a life together.

6. You are not afraid to disagree with him.

You know that even if you argue, he will listen to you and not reject you. He takes you seriously, even when he thinks you are wrong.

7. You want to reduce your major differences.

If you have fundamental differences that will impact your future together – different opinions on religion, money, or something else – you want to settle them with him, and you think you can come to a conclusion that will satisfy you all. of them.

8. You laugh together.

Laughter is one of the simplest pleasures in life. You really should be able to have fun.

9. You are incredibly, totally, surprisingly attracted to her.

Physico-chemistry is an undeniably important ingredient in a healthy relationship. And if she is not a classic beauty or your usual “type”, this is all the more reason to think that she is the right one.

10 It’s okay to be quiet with her.

You don’t feel like you have to fill the space between you with chatter or other interactions. Instead, you feel good.

11. You feel yourself with him.

You don’t feel like you have to change your thoughts; you are neither embarrassed nor anxious.

12. You need him just right.

You want him there, but not too much. A certain necessity is good, but an excess breeds discontent.

13. You are not too jealous.

You feel comfortable that he goes out with his friends, even friends. You let yourself have your own lives and hobbies.

14. You feel like it makes you a better person.

It makes you feel smart, funny, attractive, creative, and even the best version of yourself. You have the impression that it brings out and enriches what is best in you.

15. She understands you.

Sometimes it’s as simple as that. You feel like it includes an essential part of you that you cannot explain. It is a warm and comfortable feeling that you should have with the person you are marrying.