18 signs that show he’s interested in you and you still haven’t noticed

Did you meet the perfect guy? Are you dying for it but not sure if it belongs to you? This situation can put us in trouble because we do not know whether to take the first step, wait for him to do it or if you just don’t have a chance.

These are the 18 ways that men show you that they like you and maybe you still don’t notice:

1. Try to get your attention

From a very young age, men tend to want the attention of the girl they like and this can include the most ridiculous methods: joking around, telling jokes, doing skateboard tricks, trying to show off their athletic skills or physique, and so on.

The man interested in you will want to stand out in your eyes. Don’t necessarily expect a romantic gesture or statement. Guys have their own ways of doing it.

2. Make contact

The most logical thing would be to say that the first contact is the look and yes, from the outset, it is; But in these times the most common contact will be through social networks. He will ask for your Instagram or Facebook; if he is daring, he’ll ask for your phone number to send signals of interest through WhatsApp such as good morning messages or the classic meme.

3. He is especially kind

It’s easy (and inconvenient) to mistake a kind gesture for flirting, but let’s face it: a man interested in you will try to be the kindest. He will ask you things “please” and he will make small gestures such as helping you solve a problem, letting you order first at the restaurant, among others. In general, he will want to like you as much as possible.

4. Take care of his appearance

They also care about their appearance, even more so when there is a girl involved. If you notice that your hunk has a new haircut or dresses a little better than usual when you are around, there is a sign. Putting on lotion, starting the gym, eating healthy … when there is interest, it shows. Or haven’t you ever applied it to yourself?

Whether through messages or in person, a man interested in you will want to be around as much as possible. If there is no interest, the excuses come: “I can’t, I’m busy” in response to invitations and other ghosting classics.

But a guy who is fully interested in you will ask you out, or he could make an appearance in the places you frequent. She will want to have you close even if you go with friends. There are thousands of excuses.

6. He can get shy

Not all men are extroverts. There are those who become super shy when they are in front of the girl they like and there is nothing wrong, but it can be a bit exasperating.

If you notice that he dodges your gaze, blushes, or simply seems nervous when he is around you, it may be — believe it or not — a sign that you are intimidating him and he does not know what to do.

I have known guys who even took me out on the street and later I found out that they liked it. Looks are deceiving. If this is your case, be patient.

7. Use his body language

What a man does when he likes you, almost by reflex, is talk to the physicist. It is unavoidable. Your posture will improve, making you look more self-confident; his gestures will be open to show you that he is available; will smile; it will adjust the hair… This is all a bit of what a man does when he likes you.

8. He wants to hear from you

One surefire way to tell if a man is really interested in you is when he starts probing you.

I’m not talking about annoying stalking or harassment; rather, it is a healthy curiosity to know more about you: your musical tastes, if you have a boyfriend, what do you do, what are your aspirations, and so on. He will let you speak and listen to you attentively without falling into the “yo-yo” to impress you. If he asks you about “what are you going to do on the weekend,” wait for an invitation.

9. He gives you proper compliments

Forget the dirty compliments. The man with a true and healthy interest in you will manifest his taste for your physique appropriately and at the right time.

In addition, it will let you know how special you are, flattering your intelligence, kindness, talent, strength, or sense of humor. It will tell you how interesting you are because of that book you read or because of the series that has you captivated.

10. Interact in networks

It seems unimportant, but if a man has nothing to hide, he will interact with you on social networks, leaving likes on your photos, comments and even making you one or another publication or leaving you hints on his Facebook wall, for example.

If it was not available, it would keep your profiles in complete privacy or under focus. Another thing: don’t let one app go to another; I mean, from Tinder to Instagram, to say the least. If there is real interest, they will go to cell-to-cell messages; that is, WhatsApp.

11. respects you

Yes, even if it sounds like something your grandmother would tell you. The man who has a genuine interest will respect you in every way; from your opinions to the decisions you can make on more personal grounds. They won’t insult you or pressure or ridicule you, and they won’t be uncomfortable with you being yourself.

12. He’s honest

He will talk about his feelings and personal life with total transparency, so you would not have to leave with him that he is in another relationship, for example.

If you want to go slow as a friend, perfect; will let you know. The same if you want only dating or something more serious with you. Even if there is discomfort in the subject, he will say whatever it takes to keep things clear and avoid both false expectations.

13. Get along with your friends

He will have no problem at least trying to get to know your circle of friends and get along as well as possible with them. If you like each other and he gains their trust, they might even help him win you over. He knows that having your friends as allies is a good ace up your sleeve.

14. He is happy to see you

What does a man do when he likes you? Smile. It seems so simple, but that’s a super obvious sign. If when you are together you notice him more radiant, good or he gives you a tender smile when you approach, bingo! That boy is drooling over you!

Men, in general, want to look serious, imposing, a bit “bad”, but when they like a girl it is inevitable that their sensitivity and joy will emerge.

15. He includes you in his plans

If, for example, there is a concert by a band that they like, they will surely say something like “well, see you at the concert, right?” Either he directly proposes an outing or saves a movie ticket for you. Better yet: he invites you to an important event for him, such as his football game or a friend’s birthday.

16. Your intuition says a lot

Don’t doubt your own intuition. Feeling like a man likes you, dear is because, yes, he probably likes you. That easy! Be honest with yourself. It is not about seeing things where there are none, but if you have that tickle that the taste is mutual, go further and see for yourself. The vibe doesn’t lie.

17. His friends start talking to you more

When his group of friends or his best friend adds you to social networks or they are on the street and greets you kindly, it is because your boy has already told them about you and surely with a heart in each eye.

They will take it into account and will want to promote the best meetings between you and, of course, that you pay attention to the man in question. If you get a comment or joke about you as a couple, there will be no doubt.

18. He “blends in” with you

It is common that when a man likes you he begins to try to acquire a taste for the same thing as you. Let’s say you like yoga. The next time they talk, he might tell you about a documentary he just watched on Hatha Yoga; the same with your musical or literary tastes. Can be anything. He will want you to tell him more to share time and opinions with you.