19 long good morning messages for my boyfriend

We all know that there are things that hit more than a blow, and that is the words. With words, wars have been started, as well as well done. However, people are very affected by everyday words.

How can we make a person feel good? Spending nice words, good wishes and telling him how important and special he is to us. That is why when it comes to our partner, we always want to make her feel good.

You may not have thought about it before, but sometimes people have had rough weeks, or they know they will have a very difficult day. That is why sometimes a couple of words are needed that fill us with good humor and optimism, to start the day with our heads held high.

How and why to dedicate good morning messages

Why is it a good idea to dedicate these good morning messages? If your boyfriend receives these messages, you will make him think that they are attentive to his well-being. If when saying good morning he tells you what awaits him that day, listen to what he has to say, he will surely want you to say a few words of support.

Likewise, we all like to wake up with a good morning message from the person we love, because little feels as good as looking through the last messages and knowing that that person got up before us and remembered that we exist.

Of course, we should not be tiresome or annoying. What really annoys people is something personal, but we will just tell you not to try to look like Aunt Josefina, with garish images with a Tweety and illegible letters, because I think that few people really like that.

Good morning messages for my boyfriend

Now, they can be short or long messages that inspire that person. You don’t even need to use an image, with the right words you can do a lot.

1. “The day is just beginning and I already miss all the moments we shared yesterday, I hope that this day we can share again and be happy, because that is the purpose of our lives, to enjoy authentic happiness”

Did you have a wonderful day the day before? You can use this phrase as a message to make him see that you really had a good time, and so he will remember a good experience.

2. “It’s time to wake up, open your eyes that the world wants to be illuminated by them and your smile, meeting you has been the greatest of luck, thank you for being there for me”

Surely you have a caring and loving boyfriend, or even a best friend, you can easily give him this message so that he understands that you really appreciate all the attention he gives you, and thus make him feel good.

3. “Today I woke up with an immense desire to remind you of what a great person you are, to help you reflect on your importance to so many people and to promise you that I will never leave your side, my greatest wish is that you be happy this and every day that you have in front”

Sometimes people can feel insignificant to people, this message will make your boyfriend change his mind if he thinks that, in addition to wishing him the best of luck in his days.

4. “Today a beautiful day dawned, do not get carried away by the gray clouds or the rain, they also have their charm and deserve to be enjoyed, come on, get out of bed and get ready to face a new day, you will do well, as always you have done it, because you are absolutely perfect “

You may know that your boyfriend is going to have a difficult day, be it due to an interview, job, or school exams. With this message you can encourage him and that way he does not let himself be affected by the pressure.

5. “Good morning beautiful, only you make my days very special, with your smile, a message or your voice, no matter what happens, the day is filled with color and light and I know that I am capable of much more”

Another message that makes your partner see that you appreciate him a lot, and that he is important to you, that he is not just any ordinary person. And just as he fills your days with color, you want to do the same to him.

6. “With a boyfriend like you, it is impossible for me not to wake up happy and content in the morning, since we are together you are the first thing I think about when you wake up, and I want this to be the first thing you see when you do it”

It is not the same as waking up with your partner, but surely it is better than waking up and seeing nothing of her. With this you will feel close no matter how far they are from each other.

7. “Hello, love. I recommend that you get out of bed and go quickly to the kitchen, there is a coffee waiting for you to start your day full of energy “

Perfect if you live with your partner. It is not to leave it on the cell phone, but to give it written in a letter that you will write and leave it next to the bed. Hopefully that’s the first thing you notice when you wake up.

8. “Wake up! Today you must face those wolves that you sometimes fear, but you have nothing to fear, you will become a wonderful leader of the pack “

It may seem nonsensical, but if your boyfriend was promoted at work to a position where he leads other people, or knows he will be a dad, this message can make him feel more calm and confident about it.

9. “If yesterday was not good, do not worry, today is the time to get up with the conviction of being able to achieve success and fill your life with happiness.”

If your boyfriend is starting something or trying new things, do not hesitate to make him see that you understand him and that you support him at all times, remember that he also needs attention.

10. “The days go by and by and I am more and more happy, because only you are my first thought when I wake up, you are my motivation, your sweetness and your affection fill my heart with warmth and love”

Many times people think they are doing something wrong, don’t let those thoughts invade your boyfriend!

11. “I hope that today you can wake up like I did, with a smile, because knowing that you and I can be together and enjoy this beautiful day is a dream for me, because by your side the bad is no longer important, time is meaningless and from your hand I can know glory “

Because sometimes we have to be grateful for being able to be with someone who adds us, that is why it is good to make them see that not everything is bad, because they have each other.

12. “Good morning. Today is the day you expected. Go for it and conquer it, it is yours! “

Was your boyfriend waiting for an opportunity that has been conceived for him? Send him this message to fill him with self-confidence.

13. “I wish I could give you a little kiss, but I’ll say good morning … for now”

If you don’t live together yet, this message can get your boyfriend a good smile in the morning.

14. “Good morning, my prince, today I am happier than usual because I know we will see each other”

If you’ve been planning a date together for a while, whether it’s to see each other for the first time or to introduce yourself to your parents, this line can cheer you up.

15. “You have a new message: Love, wake up it’s late!”

It is not the most elaborate message, but it will undoubtedly be a way to make your boyfriend wake up more fun.

16. “Good morning … I just wanted to remind you how much I love you”

Again, it’s not a really long message, but it’s a short, simple way to make your boyfriend feel good. Sometimes masters are like anesthesia to the heart.

17. “I like to see you smile as soon as you wake up, because it means you had good dreams. Now I hope that you continue to have reasons to smile the rest of the day “

As soon as your boyfriend wakes up, tell him that, and you’ll see how he blushes because he loved what you said.

18. “I have woken up dreaming of you and you are still in my mind, I dream of you so much that seeing you is like staying asleep”

Elvira Sastre wrote part of this sentence as a poem, but now you can dedicate it to your boyfriend.

19. “I hate when this happens, having a dream and feeling that it was true even when you are awake. You looked just as cute, of course, I swear I smelled your hair on my chest “

Verse taken from the song Stupid Love Story by Canserbero, with a touch for you to dedicate.

Does my boyfriend need a good morning phrase?

Even if you live with him, you might think not, but really men often keep quiet about things: insecurities, fears, negative thoughts. You don’t know the impact these phrases can create.

They may just make him smile (which in itself is a pretty good act), but it may also be those words you wrote him that remind him of how important it is for you to have him in your life, and that it is a person who cannot be replaced by just anyone.

If you live with him you can leave the message, as we mentioned above, in a letter made by you the night before or early that day. The idea is that when you read it you feel happy and lucky to have you as a companion.

Did you like any? We would like very much if you share your opinions and tell us how your boyfriend reacted to seeing these messages.