After the euphoria of the beginnings, the passion fades, monotony interferes in our married life, we pay less attention to each other. Madam shower gentleman with attentions on his birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, but what if Madame took care of the gentleman on other occasions, just to please him, to prove his love to him? We have plenty of suggestions to you. Some of them may seem simplistic to you, but the important thing is to surprise your man with unexpected words or gestures.


  1. Organize a party and even a weekend for him and his friends.
  2. Prepare him a meal consisting of the dishes he loves, from starter to dessert.
  3. Offer her home massage sessions.
  4. Let him enjoy a lie-in; leave with the children and come back at the end of the day.
  5. Have him deliver a small gift to his office.
  6. Include a funny or romantic message in his lunchbox.
  7. Show up unexpectedly at his desk and invite him to lunch at the restaurant or have a picnic in the park.
  8. Bring her in the morning in bed a fresh orange juice and a nice steaming cup of coffee or tea.
  9. Invite him to spend a night away from the house, without the children.
  10. Email or text him during the day to let him know that you love and miss him.
  11. Just give him for fun this book or DVD that he has wanted to buy for a long time.
  12. Go out for a walk when it’s dark and take her hand.
  13. Send her a love letter home by post; much nicer to receive than an invoice.
  14. Place in a place so that he can discover them two tickets for a show, a concert, an opera, a play, a movie at the cinema that he absolutely wishes to see.
  15. Throw a surprise party in her honor, not her birthday, just for the sake of celebrating with friends.
  16. Wear your favorite outfit, shoes, accessories, and scent on a special outing.
  17. When you find yourself near him, run your hand through his hair or kiss him on the cheek and move on.
  18. Give him a playlist of his favorite songs for the car, home or office.
  19. As soon as you hear the key turn in the lock on his return from the office, run a nice hot extra foam bath and bring him a nice cocktail in one of your most beautiful glasses.
  20. Give him a sincere compliment – men love to be paid compliments – Do you find him handsome, funny, awesome? Flatter him a little.

Ladies, now that you have examples of little attentions for the man you love, you have no more excuses!