Why does it never last with the girls I meet?

In this article, the reasons why a relationship can fail after a few days (and how to avoid it, and put the best of luck on your side)

Reason # 1: The Girls You Meet Are Not “Compatible” With You

(or then: it is you who are not compatible with them)

  • Either because you are too different

=> after a few days/weeks, she realizes that you live in different universes, that you have too different a vision of the world, too different characters, that you have different expectations, a degree of maturity or a culture that is too different, and that you’re basically not following parallel paths.

In this case, sensing the impasse coming, she takes the initiative and prefers to end your relationship.

A priori, rather an intelligent initiative on his part (because spending too much time with a person who is not compatible with you is wasting your time AND hers).

  • Either because it is not really available to you

Typically: you want to ask yourself, and she wants to enjoy her youth, have fun, and accumulate experiences, and she has a feeling that a relationship with you will be blocking her aspirations.

Or is she still stuck on her ex, or some ghost, the memory of a more or less present type, who still haunts her?

Or, she hesitates between you and another guy (s), and she’s having a hard time making up her mind, and ideally, she would like 2/3 at a time?

=> In any case, you are obviously not the number 1 in her head (or in her panties).

If you don’t think you can accept a different kind of relationship than you wanted, it’s dead.

(remember that there are many different types of relationships )

(Also remember that just because a girl doesn’t want you / doesn’t give you what you want, or that she’s having fun with others, doesn’t mean that she’s a bad person: grow up my old)

  • Either because not stable

Some people are ruled by a kind of an inner mess, which makes it difficult for them to hang out with someone for long: these people change their minds like their shirts, have trouble fixing their attention for a long time, even managing their desires and emotions.

And suddenly, concerning you, she moved on, because she saw a new shiny object pass, or because her attention is fixed on something else.

Well. With these kind of unstable (and often, not very mature, and a little selfish) girls, not much to hope for. Ultimately, it’s best to limit the damage before you’ve hurt your self-esteem too much.

Reason n ° 2: there would be a way … but you go about it like a stick, and screw everything up

Sometimes it doesn’t last just because you unwittingly scuttle yourself and scare her away.

In general, for the following reasons:

  • You ignite / you skip the steps / you do too much, too fast

A great classic for guys with little experience / not sure of themselves, or a little too emotionally fragile: be too zealous at the start of a relationship. Ideal for giving the impression to the other that everything is going too fast, and pushing her to distance herself (or even: to take her legs around her neck).

  • You don’t trust him

Something about your attitude/words makes her feel like she won’t be able to feel good with you in the long run. Perhaps because you have manifested values ​​that are too far from hers, or that you have a temper, judgments or a way of being that makes her uncomfortable?

  • You have not aroused/conversed enough interest

At the start of a relationship, we don’t necessarily have a lot of emotional involvement with the other yet (= we don’t feel too attached), and we stay mainly because the other is a person we WANT to discover (and keep close).

If you fail to stay among her top priorities at the moment, it may be that her interest in you drops out, that she has the interest that in the end, she and you don’t have much to share, and then she may prefer. sail to other shores …

Solutions to prevent this from happening again?

Two things (important if you want better relationships):

  1. learn how to better “choose” the girls you get closer to
  2. Learn how to better manage your relationships (and make them want to stay with you, rather than make them want to run away)