The qualities to look for in a girl, which show that she may be right for you

Today we’re going to talk about a few things to check to make sure that this girl is right for you (and that it’s a good idea to continue with her) – or if, on the contrary, it smells like fir.

Here is a little “checklist” which will allow you to say if this girl and you, it can stick (or not).

# 1. She makes you laugh

If you want something really cool to happen with a girl, ask yourself if she makes you laugh.

Why? Because a relationship with someone who makes you laugh is extraordinary; whereas hanging out with someone who never gets a smile or surprises you, it’s kind of like dying in slow motion.

# 2. She turns you on (and knows it)

If the s**xual tension is at the maximum between her and you, that’s a good sign: it means that you like her, that she knows how to play her charms (and therefore, that she plays her role in the s**xual alchemy). of your relationship, and therefore, that there are two of you on this affair).

A girl who no longer turns you on can come from you (a low libido), but also, from a certain sensual resignation on her part, a sign that something is stuck between her and you. Not a good sign.

# 3. You have the same vision of the world and of life, you want the same things

Not surprisingly, if she and you have the same way of seeing things, that you have the same values ​​and the same projects, that helps: it helps to project into the future, and incidentally, to hold each other in esteem.

While conversely, if you and her are incompatible on too many things, your interest/respect for each other will inevitably erode – or even, turn into weariness, disdain, even, in contempt, even in hatred.

(ask a divorce lawyer, if you think I’m exaggerating!)

The facts are there: the couples who work and last the most are those who are based on a strong common vision.

# 4. You have (many) interests in common

In the same vein, to function, a couple needs to build a common universe: if you have nothing to share, nothing to exchange, the only thing you share is the TV set at night, it’s not very exciting and rather poorly engaged.

Conversely, if you are able to talk about stuff for hours on end (and you never run out of ideas for things to do together), that bodes well for the future.

# 5. She knows how to pull you up

The ups and downs in life are normal. No one escapes it. And if she knows how to cheer you up, boost your motivation or even kick you in the ass when you feel a little too much about your fate or when you have a bit of slack, here too, it is extremely precious, and that means you’ve come across a strong candidate you can count on.

# 6. You admire her or certain aspects of her personality

This is not mandatory, but it’s still a big bonus.

Esteem (even, admiration) is a key component of love: it’s what makes you find this person absolutely unique and precious, and take a bullet for them (and I’m hardly exaggerating. ).

(Those and those who have already been in love know this).

A girl who sells you dreams with her personality, she is a girl for whom you will want to continue to surpass yourself. Conversely, if she disappoints you to the point that you come to feel disdain for her, things are wrong.

What else?

I put what seemed the most obvious to me, but maybe I skipped essential things? Do you see other things to add?

In any case, I take this article to remind you of something essential: you must not stick with someone “just because she agreed”. A life partner must be chosen with care.

Life is too short to spend it with someone we only love a little, or who doesn’t make us vibrate – while conversely, share your life with someone who makes you vibrate, laugh and bend: just happiness.