20 Signs that prove you are with a sincere man who really loves you!

During our single life, we have the opportunity to meet many men. But once you think you’ve found the right one, doubts often invade us. We ask ourselves a lot of questions about the sincerity of the feelings of his new companion and the stability of our relationship. Does he really love me? Is he honest with me? These questions are completely natural. This does not mean that you lack confidence in yourself or your partner. Only you are aware of what you have and are afraid of losing this man well. In order to help you answer these questions, we have prepared a list of 20 signs that prove, without a doubt, that he is truly sincere with you.

Sincerity and love

These 20 signs will allow you to check if the person with whom you are at the moment is really frank and sincere with you. If your partner really likes you, you can identify these signs in his behavior.

1. Pride

He is happy and proud to see you express your opinion in a clear and determined way, to your friends or to the complete strangers you just met. When you get carried away by passion and explain your point of view, you will surely see him smile.

2. The meeting

When he introduces you to his family, his friends, or his colleagues, you blush. Why? Because he always says beautiful things about you and presents you in your best day. He is not ashamed of you and seeks to put you forward because he is proud of the person you are and of being chosen as the lucky one.

3. Learning

He likes to learn new things from you and he always listens carefully to you when you talk about topics you know better than him. Besides, he also likes to share his knowledge with you without being pretentious.

4. The motivation

It motivates you and sometimes pushes you out of your comfort zone because it wants you to achieve your dreams. He is not afraid to sometimes take second place in your life if it means that you will feel more fulfilled, fulfilled and happy. For him, your happiness comes first.

5. The little adorable faults

He thinks it’s adorable when you crash or when you have trouble doing something. For him, it is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it proves to him that you learn from your mistakes and that you give yourself the means to realize your dreams.

7. Jealousy

He tends to be a little jealous when you mention another man you respect or when you talk about a guy you see often. And, it is not because he does not trust you but because he knows what you are worth and he is afraid of losing you.

8. Compliments

He always uses superlatives when he compliments you. For him, you are the smartest, the se xiest, the most beautiful and the most wonderful. You are the elect of his heart and he sees no one else besides you. This man is not the type to look discretely at other women when you turn your head or when you are not there.

9. The perfect gentleman

He prefers to do housework or boring chores with you, rather than letting you do them alone. For example, he will help you take out the trash. For him, it’s something normal because he wants to establish a balance and a relationship of equals. You are not his maid and he knows it!

10. The opinion

He wants to hear your opinion on everything: a career change, politics, time, choice of clothes, movies, books and even rumors about celebrities … Everything goes! He has a great interest in what you have to say, even if sometimes your points of view are different.

11. Unconditional love

He lets out sentences like: “you are everything for me”, “you are my universe” or “I am so happy to have you in my life”. And, even if these words may seem silly and innocuous, for him, they have real value. He does not say these phrases just to boost your ego but also because he needs to let his true feelings show through.

12. The photos

He publishes ridiculous photographs of both of you on his social media accounts and always accompanies them with hashtags like #hearts, #monamour or #montout. He does not hide your relationship with others and is not ashamed to appear in love with the world. For him, it is a strength and not a weakness, despite what his friends can think.

13. The passions

He sends you photos or articles that he knows you will love even if these topics did not interest him before meeting you. He knows your passions and your interests. Moreover, it is a subtle way to make you understand that he is always thinking of you.

14. The fan

He is your biggest fan and your most ardent supporter. This man always shares words of encouragement and is not afraid to sound silly. He is there if you have a competition and is waiting for you with flowers when you have a presentation to do at work.

15. He forgives easily

If you say something offensive in the passion of the moment, he lets things calm down on their own. He will not change your mind about you because of this because after all, he knows your true heart and knows that everyone can say something out of control during an argument.

16. He asks for forgiveness

If he hurts you one way or another, he will take your pain seriously and sincerely apologize. Then, in the future, he will pay more attention to your feelings. As mentioned above, everyone can say something hurtful from time to time. That does not necessarily mean that he weighed those words.

17. Quality time

He does his best to spend time with you because it is with you that he feels the happiest. He will cancel a football evening with his friends to watch a film with rose water with you. He will miss a gym workout to accompany you to walk the dog.

18. He is tactile

He caresses your back, he kisses the tip of your nose … All these small gestures that may seem trivial say a lot. He needs physical contact to feel good. This is proof that he really loves you. Touch is an essential aspect of the relationship, it’s a way of showing affection and tenderness.

19. He accepts you as you are

He does not try to change you. He loves you with your qualities and your faults. He’s never going to say anything like “this dress is getting you fat” or “you can not do that?” He knows no one is perfect. It is not so either and you accept it as it is, so why would not it do the same?

20. He plans on the medium and long term

He is not yet talking about marriage but he has already planned to take you on holiday in Spain next summer. Besides, he also invited you to his grandmother’s birthday, in two months. He slowly plans your life and includes you in the important decisions that could impact his future and the common future he imagines.