You will regret losing the woman who loved you

Some women love so much that they forget the mistakes of their partner, they can spend their whole life waiting for change. But is not it rather a scenario for a love movie? Because in real life, waiting is not eternal, one day this woman so much love will eventually leave you! She has reached a limit that does not allow him to return … And now a feeling of regret settles, it’s normal! Here’s why…

Love is a very beautiful emotion and yet very strange. When a woman is in love, regardless of her maturity, sensitivity and control over life, there will be some differences or changes in her personality that indicate she is madly and deeply in love. But often, women can endure a lot of things in a relationship if they think the man is worth it, so when they decide to break up and leave for good, it’s clear they will never come back.

Everyone deserves a second chance but when the right person leaves, she will not take a step back

There are women who love you so much that they do not always know what is best for them. They will let you make mistakes again and again. This kind of women will be waiting for you, not out of ignorance, but because they believe that you can improve and mature as a person. It will give you a second chance and even a third but as soon as it reaches its limit, everything will be over! 

You may not notice the mistake right away, but over time you will feel the impact of her absence and wonder if she will come back or not. The feeling of regret will continue to bite you because you are aware of its value and your mistake. 

Unfortunately, it was the right person 

This woman who loved you so much, can see the good that is in you, even if you do not realize it. She understands why you keep repeating the same mistakes. You took it for granted, and you expected her to always be with you because she was so in love with you.

This woman who loved you so much, tended to offer you gifts without a specific occasion. She loved to invest her time and money in finding the most exceptional things to bring a smile and joy to your face. 

This woman who loved you so much, brought out the strangest parts of your personality and hers. She was like a child with delicate actions, innocent words and pure intentions. Laughing, playing and having fun were part of your daily life, her presence brought cheerfulness and happiness to your relationship. 

This woman who loved you so much, showed interest in all the activities you did, regardless of the degree of  virility  of these activities. Video games, guitar, riding or even football, she has always paid close attention to the debate and did not hesitate to participate in it just to make you happy. She is a woman who supported you in your successes and failures without judgment!

This woman who loved you so much, made herself beautiful for you. It was important to her that you be proud to have her by your side, she was trying to continually improve herself to maintain your relationship. When you were invited to visit friends or family, she was always elegant not for others but for you. 

This woman who loved you so much is gone for good, without warning, leaving behind an open wound that the time may be able to heal. But know that despite the complexity and hardness of his departure, life goes on!