23 signs (not very romantic) that you have found your soul mate

1. You enjoy doing boring things together like shopping, going to the pharmacy or filing tax returns.

2. You have a better time eating out on the sofa than having dinner in a three-star restaurant.

3. One of the things you like the most about him is being able to eat anything you want without worrying about whether he looks charming or not.

4. The moment you really fell for him was after seeing him sleep, his face relaxed with his mouth open.

5. And you’re just as comfortable with the idea that he sees yours … drooling and everything.

6. Obviously, you like it when you are on your 31. But you just as much like to see yourself in pajamas, with your favorite worn t-shirt, natural!

7. You cherish his handwritten cards and little words, even more than any expensive gift he has given you.

8. He reminds you of such and such a thing whenever necessary and vice versa.

9. No smartphone required. You have a lot more fun with your little corner smiles after a shared private joke during a meal, or at any other moment of sharing that you are the only ones to understand.

10. He excels in encouraging speeches, but nevertheless refuses to pamper you too much.

11. You talk – and laugh – openly about how the body works.

12. When you go to a wedding together, what you prefer is not necessarily the moment of emotion but simply the fact of getting drunk together and fooling around.

13. You have developed your own lexicon: words and expressions invented or not but which have a special meaning for you.

14. You know each other so well that you would probably answer 9 of the 10 questions we would ask him about Action or Truth.

15. The sweet little words that you use in your private conversations are not so sweet… They are rather nicknames such as: “idiot” or “buddy”. And in fact, you prefer as much as it is.

16. You don’t feel sick when he has the flu or is sick, because all you care about is taking care of him.

17. If at times you no longer support yourself, you tell yourself openly, and although there is a hint of truth you end up laughing anyway.

18. You can experience moments of silence without being embarrassed.

19. In fact, relaxing together in complete silence without feeling the need to find topics for discussion is one of the things you prefer in your relationship.

20. You would never betray yourself by watching an episode of “Game of Thrones” without the other. You’ve made a deal, the full GOT sessions are done together, and you’re both planning to stick with it!

21. He buys you your favorite candies or delicacies , more often than he buys you flowers and for nothing in the world you would not want that to change.

22. It makes you laugh in extremely serious and inappropriate situations …

23. You would rather spend a zero day with him a thousand times than go to the most extraordinary meeting in the world with another.