29 Things They Don’t Want In A Relationship

One of the most difficult questions to answer is: What do men want?

As complex creatures, even if they don’t know themselves, they know what they want.

Have you ever wondered what men want?

They seem to say they want something, but when they have it, they don’t want it anymore.

Just like any other creature, sometimes what we think we want, after we get it, is not what we thought it would be.

This leads to disillusionment.

The problem is that women keep trying to please men, but no matter how hard the effort, it’s never good.

This leads to feelings of failure and frustration.

Many men have no idea what they want.

It’s not because they’re keeping a secret from you. It’s not because they know and don’t want to tell you.

They are literally not in touch with their own emotions enough to know what it is they want out of their lives, their careers, and from you.

Women know one thing they want:… but other than that, what else do they want?

Food and laundry?

Here Are 29 Things Men Don’t Want!

There are days when it feels like you could disappear and your boyfriend or husband wouldn’t even notice.

The good and the bad news is that you are not alone.

Many women suffer from the same confusion about what the men they are dating want.

Better than wanting to find out what they want is knowing this list of things they don’t want.

If you avoid doing these things with your boyfriend or husband, you will end up giving him exactly what he wants, whether he admits it or not.

1. Play His Mother.

Men already have a mother.

Whether they like her or not, they certainly don’t want to live with her again.

A man likes to feel in control and powerful… and treating him like a two-year-old isn’t what he wants from a woman he loves.

2. Meddle In Every Detail Of His Life.

Men like to keep some privacy in their relationship.

Men are not as open as women.

This leads to many misunderstandings between the genders.

If he keeps things from you, it gives the feeling that he’s not being honest or trustworthy, but he might just be trying to hold back part of who he was when he was alone, for fear of losing everything in the relationship.

3. Try to Control Him.

No man likes to be ordered around.

Even though it’s cool to give orders, that’s not something men like.

They don’t like to be pressured and cornered.

To be a man means to be the king of the castle.

He doesn’t want to see his wife all the time trying to take the throne away from him.

4. Make Decisions for Him.

Once in a while, it can be nice to plan the weekend for the couple, but generally speaking, don’t forget that men like to plan and make decisions.

If he says “I don’t care”, what he means is “I don’t want to mess with it”.

Two completely different things.

Whenever possible, try not to make decisions for him, things he can decide for himself.

5. Try to Change Him.

They seem to have no idea what to do, but actually, men are very intuitive creatures.

They don’t like it when you try to change them.

Women have this need to “polish” men as if they were a car, to make them shine.

That’s not what they want.

What to wear, how to behave at the table, make sure the ear is clean, the beard is trimmed or shaved… that’s not what they want.

Your boyfriend or husband wants you to love him just the way he is, for his strengths and weaknesses.

6. No Guy Wants To Be Forced To Meet His Girlfriend’s Friends.

Yes, it’s hard to find couples of friends that work with you, but forcing a friendship with someone you don’t have things in common is another one of the things men don’t like.

While you and your friend are talking, men are looking at their watches or opening their cell phones, and they are mad at you and your friend for treating them like kids who need friends.

7. Ask A Lot Of Questions.

Questions make a man uncomfortable.

These aren’t the usual everyday questions, they’re the ones that are intended to find out more about his feelings and his secrets.

He doesn’t want to hear you asking all the time about his life.

8. Have a List of All the Wrong Things.

Guys don’t want to hear all the things that went wrong, all the blunders they’ve made, everything that’s broken in the relationship that needs fixing, let alone your threats to end the relationship.

Try to be less critical.

Try to criticize less and try to recognize more of the good things he has done.

9. Treat him like one of your friends.

What do men want?

Well, for starters, he doesn’t care that Camila was rude to you today… go vent to another friend.

10. Dress Him.

He’s already a grown man, let him dress the way he thinks is best for him.

If you don’t leave him feeling big enough to know how to perform in public, then love him for dressing badly.

11. Embarrassing Him In Front Of Others And/Or Talking Badly About Him To Other People.

He doesn’t want to see you telling other people how embarrassed he was last weekend, much less he wants to see you making fun of a flaw he has that he can’t change.

Don’t do this, especially when he’s right next to you.

12. Send Aggressive Text Messages to Him.

What do women do when they can’t talk to their boyfriends or aren’t being heard?

That’s right, they get rough.

Don’t do this, be patient and understanding.

13. Seeing You Unhappy All the Time.

The man wants to see his wife happy.

He believes it is his personal responsibility to make his wife feel satisfied.

Even if you are going through a difficult time, try to explain to him that he is not the one making you so unhappy.

15. Watch A Romantic Movie With You.

The best novel of the year opens this weekend and you’re dying to see it.

Is he really that excited?

If it’s a guy who’s very connected to his sensitive feminine energy, great.

However, if he’s the macho type, don’t try to force him to watch something he doesn’t want.

16. Go Shopping With You.

Not all men are interested in this, and no man likes to hold his bag.

Some even find it awkward praising you for a new shoe.

17. Wearing Sweatshirt 24 Hours A Day.

You should be comfortable with your boyfriend or husband, but being comfortable doesn’t mean putting on 10 pounds and wearing sweatpants around the house like a uniform.

He wants you as close as possible to what you were the day he met you.

18. Going To His Friends’ Parties Uninvited.

If you weren’t invited, it’s because it’s a meeting of friends.

Don’t talk about going along or showing up by surprise.

19. Pressure Him To Get Engaged, Marry Or Take The Next Step In the Relationship.

No man likes to feel forced to do anything.

This is especially true when it comes to a more serious commitment, like marriage and children.

It’s simple to know what men want in that sense, they want to make the decision about the direction of the relationship, and they don’t want to be forced to follow a path.

20. Thinking He’s Thinking About Something.

He is silent and you start to imagine that he is thinking 1 million negative things.

It’s understandable to think that because when you’re silent, your mind is going 1000 per hour thinking about 1 million things.

However, that is not how it is with men.

Stop worrying that his silence means he’s mad, angry, or thinking about breaking up.

He’s just not thinking about anything, it’s weird but true.

21. Don’t Tell Me You’re On Your Period.

That week of the month is brutal, isn’t it?

It is for your boyfriend too.

It’s hard for you to get through this period, but at least you know the days of the month you’re in the red.

Most guys can’t even remember your birthday, let alone the day it comes down to you.

22. Fix Drama.

It doesn’t matter if the drama is with his mother, with his friends, or with his family, the man just wants peace.

It’s understandable that you might think it’s his family that is causing the conflict, but whenever possible, step out of the drama.

23. Being Disappointed in Him.

Behind every tough man is a kid looking for approval.

Above all, men don’t want you to be let down or disappointed in them.

They want you to be proud of them, they want your trust… They want you to believe in their competence and ability.

24. Getting Too On Top of Him.

Unless he’s sick, your boyfriend won’t want you on top of him all the time.

It’s okay to want to spend as much time as possible with this man you care about so much, but sacrificing your own life all the time to meet his needs will end up making him think he’s abusing you, which won’t make him feel bad. feel good.

25. Seeing You Too Angry.

If you’re on edge, this is a situation men don’t handle very well.

Want to see a guy run from you?

Show that you are extremely angry.

Unfortunately, this is a cycle in some relationships because of personality styles.

If you want to know what he wants, be the woman who knows how to manage emotions.

26. Seeing You Crying.

Men hate to see women crying.

In the same way that women suffer from seeing their own child cry, their protective nature hates it when you cry too.

Of course, sometimes you need to cry, but don’t use that against him.

27. Love Him Unconditionally.

The man wants what you want, unconditional love.

However, everyone misses.

The man wants to know if you will continue to love him despite his stupid behavior and bad decisions.

28. Overspending.

It’s an ingrained need in a man to feel like he’s taking care of you financially.

When you start overspending on things like shoes, your boyfriend or husband won’t be happy.

What the man wants is to see that you’re thinking about the pressure you put on him when he’s overspending.

He feels pressured to work harder.

39. Peace.

If men want one thing, that thing is peace.

Your boyfriend doesn’t want arguments, fights, and confrontations.

He just wants stability, security and a woman he knows will love him forever.


Men are very complex creatures.

That’s why it’s hard to answer everything they want because they want something different at each stage of life.

If you want to know what men want, think about what you want… he’ll probably want the same thing.

You both want to be admired, you want unconditional love, stability, and happiness.

So what do men want in a woman or a relationship?

Well, despite not having an easy answer, this 29-item list can make your man absolutely satisfied with you.