3 scientifically proven tests to find out if this person likes you

You fall for this “friend”, but you do not know if it is reciprocal? Scientists have developed a series of tests to find out whether or not this person has feelings for you.

He loves me a little, a lot, passionately? Stop relying on your daisies to try to guess if he has feelings for you . A team of scientists has found much safer signals to identify if the other has a liking for you.

This American research carried out with 90 students of the University of Montana was interested in the way in which the subjects interacted with “friends” of the opposite gender for which they had feelings. And among the 158 techniques tested secretly, some analyzes have borne fruit.

Here are the three main methods revealed by The New Scientist :

Study his behavior

The most popular method that emerges from this study is to test the behavior of the other towards you . Does he compliment you, is he there for you when you call on him? Small, simple things that help you locate the place he gives you in his heart.

The triangle technique

Another effective technique is to involve third parties in the relationship. This will allow the person to see how the other person reacts and to test the strength of this relationship . One participant in particular related that to test the interest of a woman, he had started to interact with others to see his reactions.

Joke by sowing doubt

You think you are going to be grilled at 3 kilometers (and it is very likely) but the technique of “I am kind of hitting on you to laugh and I see how you react” nevertheless produces its small effect. The volunteers of the study thus multiplied the tactile gestures such as the famous “I stretch” and then rests the arm around the shoulder of the other (you have the right to be more subtle) and the returns have been positive.

If none of the three techniques has completely reassured you as to the feelings of the other towards you, then you have two options: persevere (a little more) or give up and face the facts: your crush n is perhaps not reciprocal .