5 sentences as important as “I love you”

What if there were stronger words than one “I love you” to use to declare to the other his feelings?

The “I love you” sometimes loses its substance by dint of being used over and over again for his man but also for his family and his friends . And sometimes, some modest people fail to reveal their feelings. Fortunately, there are phrases that count as much as an “I love you”. See more.

1- “I will always be there for you”

Like us, the other sometimes needs to be reassured about our feelings towards him. And knowing that we have the firm intention of staying with him for the best as for the worst until the end of our days, it will certainly have a thousand times more echo than another umpteenth “I love you”.

2- “I believe in you”

Everyone doubts. Including our guy. Also, whispering that we believe in him, it can do him a lot of good. We are his first fan, and certainly the most important too. The one that will give him the strength to move mountains.

3- “It’s a thing of the past”

Knowing how to turn the page on our differences is proof of wisdom and love. Being ready to move forward together, ignoring the past instead of brooding, communicating and taking into account the feelings of the other, that is essential.

4- “Change nothing”

Why would we want to change the person we fell in love with? Tell him that he is perfect as he is and that he does not need to go to the gym 5 times a week or to change his style to please us as much as on the first day, it should have its little effect … and allow us to expect the same thing in return.

5- “Thank you”

You can never say it enough, however, the power of a simple “thank you” is quite miraculous. This little word makes you want to do more for the other. Test, it’s magic , you’ll see!