3 tips for a successful second date

The first date went well, so we planned to meet again. Good news. But the second date is a new first date, with slightly different codes. Five tips for success (and having a third, and a fourth, and a marriage and children).

We play our memory
On the first date, he told us that he had landed a job interview and as we have attentive ears, we ask him how it went. And how was his volleyball weekend. We dare new questions, we are there to discover each other more and more. The only major mistake is asking questions already asked and looking like a girl who didn’t care to be there the last time: what are you doing in life? And your cat, what’s his name? Because it’s annoying to have forgotten his name was Bidule and that he was a real estate agent (the guy, not the cat).

We don’t (still) ask him if he wants to get married
The first time we avoided it, because we know that it can scare men away. We simply mentioned our desire for serious history (and that is enough, the most important being to express our values). On the second date, there is no point in adding a layer (I want to get married, I assure you) and to ask her all the questions that we retained the first time: and you, you want? A loving encounter is woven slowly, but surely. We are not here to make a thousand plans on the comet when we do not even know our favorite dish.

We set the third date
As long as we are there, we take advantage of it, that will prevent us from asking ourselves a thousand questions tomorrow: I call him, I not call him? Around our glasses, we start the conversation about the films showing and we organize a cinema for next week. Or we are talking about an exhibition, a nice park where you can stroll in the first rays of the sun, a new bar to try … So many ideas, and here we are.