3 ways to re-boost your couple like on the first day

Ah, how far is the passion of the first days! That said, there are ways to help us find it … and reinject it into our relationship every day.

The mad love of the beginnings has turned into a stable, lasting, serene love. And it’s good too. But if it is possible to combine the two, we do not say no. Here are three little habits to (re) integrate into our daily lives to achieve this.

1- Remember why you fell in love

It is not for nothing that you are still with him. A few months ago, you fell in love with him until you concluded that it was the right one. Remember these moments, the reasons that made you fall in love with your man, the way you looked at him, the sensations that contact with his hand and his mouth caused in you and all the small and big reasons that make that ‘it matters a lot in your life. All of a sudden, you should feel exhilarated again .

2- Dredge it

Do you like to feel beautiful, desirable, loved? Tell yourself that for him, it’s all the same. Flatteries, looks that speak volumes and naughty caresses, like a hand slipped at the top of his thigh to destabilize him during a dinner with friends … In short, we flirt with him as in our beginnings so that he feels how much we still like it. The drag effect should gradually rub off on him and you should behave with each other like two college kids after their first date.

3- Schedule appointments

Just because you live together doesn’t mean you have to stop dating. And the meeting panel is wide. It can be a 5 to 7 scoundrel on a Saturday, or a restaurant that has just opened and that we dream of testing, a salsa class to try a duet activity, an aperitif on the terrace, going to attend a play … In short, taking time for each other (at least) once a month. And this little monthly date, with or without candles, would even be the secret to make your couple last, according to a recent study .

Obviously, this will not prevent your couple from experiencing low and high, it is life. But a little boost, it also feels good. So we press the “repeat” button as often as we want!