The magic sentence to seduce him definitively

Have you just met and are you already planning (very) far with him? If you want it to last between you, don’t tell him!
Did this first meeting make you fall in love? Do you see yourself having happy days with him? Do not tell him especially, advises the bodyandsoul site inspired by the book ” The Art of seduction” by Robert Greene. Indeed, a simple little sentence would make the other want to conquer you more willingly and it is however paradoxical since it is a matter of telling him that … you do not want to engage with him.“Flee me I follow you, follow me I follow you”: what if this is how it works from the start? Because according to the author, if you confide in the other, on your date, that you dream of getting together as a couple , he will be more likely to want to get away from it than if you tell him on the contrary that the solo life suits you very well, and that with it, it will therefore be “just for fun”.

Create imaginary barriers

Why say the opposite that what you think (while giving it a little wind in passing) would make the other want to discover you more? Because we humans have always had an unconscious interest in everything we think we cannot have, says the author. Robert Greene explains: “It is by creating barriers”, by pretending for example that your heart is taken by someone else; that you are really not interested in him; that you have a secret that prevents you from doing so; that the timing is bad; that you are not good enough for him; that the other person is not good enough for you, the other will fall into your nets. “Or at least, that you are more likely to fall into it.

And if, after having unpacked your fake catch-heart speech, you realize that the other is suddenly no longer interested, because you have fallen on a pure heart who dreams of finding the woman of his life and of get involved right away … you can always change your mind, tell him that you have thought it through and that since you met him, everything has changed, you and him, it will be for life .