30 signs that you must flee this toxic relationship as soon as possible

You may love your partner, you do not feel good in your relationship. If your romantic relationship is toxic and makes you miserable, you should consider leaving. Here are the signs that your relationship is not healthy.

The toxic relationships are unfortunately more common than you think. And often people find it difficult to realize that their couple is not healthy. Yes, the saying goes true: love makes you blind. However, a romantic relationship should not make you unhappy or prevent you from flourishing.

On the contrary, the two partners must share respect and love, trying to support each other.

To avoid staying too long in denial, simply observe your daily life and note all the small alarming signs. Some do not deceive. Flee quickly!

You have to ask permission

Yes, in a couple, it is important to take into account the wishes of your partner before making a decision, but it should not be that it works in one direction. If you have to ask your lover’s permission to act, that you feel like you are not free, this is a sign of a toxic, even abusive, relationship.

You are emotionally exhausted

If you put all your energy into arguments or fight constantly for your relationship to go well, there is a problem. A healthy relationship is based on happiness and accomplishment. And it must be done more naturally.

You are not yourself

Your partner does not support certain aspects of your personality or some of your passions or interests? If that person doesn’t love you the way you are, you can be sure they don’t deserve you. Runaway!

You do everything to avoid arguments

You probably think it’s best for your relationship to avoid arguments all the time. The problem is that you accumulate the unspoken and by force, everything risks exploding suddenly. Especially if you act against your personal values. The fear of causing an argument or separating yourself from your guy should not be a reason to let everything go.

You don’t feel good about yourself

Your partner talks to you badly and spends his time putting you down. By force, you lose confidence in yourself. You must flee this relationship and the person who manipulates you at all costs.

You argue all the time

Yes, all couples go through periods of crisis or argue from time to time. But if you can’t hear or communicate anymore, how do you want to be really happy together?

You think of the past instead of moving forward

Is your relationship stalled? Maybe it’s because you keep rehashing the past. You think of old disputes or disagreements that have not been resolved and wonder how to get the subject back on the table. Unfortunately, you cannot move forward without solving the problem.

Your professional life is impacted

Staying in touch with each other during the day can have advantages but within certain limits. If you spend your day monitoring your partner’s actions, texting or calling her, it can hurt your productivity. And it proves that you are not serene.

Your relationship is out of balance

In a healthy relationship, the two partners make decisions together and have control over their daily lives. If your partner is alone and prevents you from doing it, there is a problem.

You have to hide things

You know very well that certain things will irritate him, but you must not lie to him to avoid an argument. A healthy relationship is based on mutual trust, remember.

You are always afraid of doing wrong

This constant anxiety can weaken and tire you out. If you ask yourself every day if you are doing the right thing for your relationship or every time you do something for yourself, there is a problem.

You start to lose your self-esteem

Your partner should not make you think that you are worse than him. In a healthy relationship, the two partners support each other and care about the well-being of the other.

You don’t feel safe

In this case, run away, and quickly! In no case should you feel uncomfortable or in danger in a relationship. Talk to your loved ones and leave your partner immediately.

You don’t think of yourself

Your relationship should not revolve around one and the same person. Your desires and needs must be respected, just like those of your partner. It is a necessary balance, to be respected for a healthy relationship.

You bring out the worst in the other

In a healthy relationship, both partners must inspire and push each other up. If you can’t do that and your dark sides come out when you’re together, there’s a problem.

You forgive too easily

Be careful, it is useless to be resentful and to sulk for days and days. However, you must avoid letting everything go and forgiving everything too easily, at the risk of feeling bad, too much.

You are relieved when you are alone

Obviously, it’s normal to want to spend a few moments alone. But if this thought is recurrent and you always prefer to be alone rather than seeing your partner, then there is a problem.

You are afraid to speak

You are afraid to give your opinion and to impose yourself. However, it is important to be able to clearly express your opinions and especially to be heard in your relationship. Your partner should not dominate or crush you.

You have to face ultimatums

If your partner regularly threatens you to leave you so that you act differently, it is because he is totally trying to manipulate you. You must not let it go.

Your relationship looks like a roller coaster

You cannot find a good balance in your relationship. Either everything is bad, or everything is going very well, to the point of being fused. Even if all couples are going through difficult times and big arguments, it doesn’t have to be constant.

You don’t trust

You can’t trust your partner and he doesn’t trust you either. If there is always doubt between you and you do not feel secure, neither, it is because your relationship is not healthy.

You apologize to him

Regardless of their behavior or attitude towards you and others, you always try to make your boyfriend feel guilty by making excuses. Maybe it’s that you are in denial and don’t want to see the truth.

Your loved ones no longer recognize you

Your friends and family think you have changed. Your values, your actions, your personality, have evolved during this relationship. This can be a good thing as well as a bad one.

Your partner blames you for everything

As soon as something goes wrong or bad news occurs, your partner will necessarily put the blame on you and make you pay for it. Stop, it’s time to stop! Even if you can make a few mistakes, it happens to everyone. Your partner can’t blame you all.

You change your opinion to adopt his

If your partner has a big influence in your relationship, you are going to want to follow him according to his opinion and his thoughts. However, it is important to keep a part of personal opinion and to keep ideas that are dear to you.

You no longer have a social life

In a healthy relationship, you can find a good balance between your couple, your friends and your family. You maintain a good social life since this is very important for your well-being. If your companion prevents you from seeing certain people or makes your head when you go out, there is a problem.

You feel stuck in this relationship

If you are afraid of being alone or of finding someone, this can block you from leaving your current partner. However, if your romantic relationship does not suit you and seems toxic to you, you must leave. Over time, you will be able to move forward on your own and you will be able to meet new people.

There is more negative than positive

If you weigh the pros and cons, there are more cons. However, your relationship should bring you more happiness and good things than sadness or resentment.

There is a lack of respect

Respect is the key criterion for a healthy and happy romantic relationship. You absolutely have to respect each other to move forward together.

You are not happy

Ultimately, this is the most important question to ask yourself. If you are not happy with this person, why go on and stay with them? You have to move forward for yourself and think about your own happiness.