4 Fatal Mistakes You Make When You Text Men

If you are like the vast majority of women, you surely neglect a fundamental skill in matters of seduction and relationship:

Your ability to send good texts and messages to men!

However, what could be more frustrating than seducing a man, exchanging your numbers (which he gave you without being asked because he seemed interested) … Then to see him gradually losing his interest in you at the thread of messages that you send him.

In this kind of situation, the basic reaction of a woman is to flog or blame the guy. She will say to herself:

“I missed the check again”, “what did I do as a mistake again?” “, ” I still came across a guy who doesn’t know what he wants “ etc …

But guilt or rage is useless.

Better to focus on the SOLUTION, namely:

In any case, if today you are like most women, you are probably committing one (or some) of the errors that I will reveal to you below.

Subtle mistakes that can quickly cool a man. So let’s say it the way it is … Texting a man can be a big headache …

My clients always ask me a lot of questions like:

“What to write to him?” »
« What does his last SMS mean? “
” How long should I wait before answering? “
” Does he know my email? “

The worst part is when a man suddenly stops responding to you and “disappears” overnight …

In this situation, a woman always ends up wondering why. What did she do wrong?

Well, know that this painful situation is often related to one of the 4 mistakes that I will explain below … These mistakes are subtle … But they have the potential to kill the attraction that a man feels for you in one nothing time.

Here are the Fat Mistakes that women make when they trade with a man by SMS or message without further ado…

Mistake # 1: Looking Boring

Here’s something to keep in mind…

When a man gives you his number, he does not sign a contract in which he undertakes to see you again! And as long as he does not say that it will be FUN to see you … He will not necessarily make the effort to find you for a drink, a restaurant, or a Netflix plan!

When you send hollow, boring, or personality-less messages to a man …

He will potentially prefer to spend time with another contender, with his friends or at work.

Here are some signs that you are NOT having fun communicating:

* You are too formal  with messages like: “Hello, I was delighted to meet you on Saturday …”
* You are putting too much pressure on him to answer your messages by asking unnecessary questions.
* You bombard him with questions, in interview mode for a job.

Remember that each message you send must make you pass for a FUN woman, with whom he will want to spend time and forget his daily routine …

Mistake # 2: Not Coming Out of the Lot

Now here’s a sad truth …

If you are texting with a good man, be sure of one thing:

You are NOT the only woman on the job!

Sorry to be the one to tell you this bad news …

But between her ex-pantyhose, the other women around her right now and her recently divorced office colleagues …

A good man is in demand.

So if you want to stand out, your messages must highlight your personality, your “style”. A man should be able to recognize your style and know that it is a message from yourself without seeing your name (as Telephone sang, ”  it feels like it is you ! ”  )

So what words, expressions, punctuation, or emojis characterize you?

Mistake # 3: Having Excessively Long Exchanges

Smartphone conversations are DIFFERENT from face-to-face conversations.

Your exchange of messages should be equivalent to a summary of the highlights of a traditional conversation. This means that you have to purge all boring or unpleasant moments and formalities from your SMS conversations. However, the more you communicate with a man by messages, the more you are likely to fall into one of these registers to avoid.

Whenever you grab your smartphone, go straight to the fun and interesting things. Anecdotes, a private joke, a funny nickname…

Find a way to arouse an emotion in the man you like, so that he gives you his full attention.

In this video, you will discover how to do just that with 3 simple texts.

Mistake # 4: Believing He’s “Different”

I can’t say it enough…

Do not text a man too soon how you feel about him.

I receive messages from readers or customers every month that I coach to explain that they have “cracked” by revealing their feelings to a man in a suicidal SMS!

And each time, not surprisingly, it scares the guy.

In your mind, at one time or another, you will try to convince yourself that ”  this man is different  ” …

But the second you start thinking about a man … You set out on the path of failure and disappointment with him.

I continually see women send too many messages to the man they like or send rave compliments (the kind of messages an obsessive fan would send to their favorite star!).

… And each time, these women are exposed to the same negative consequences.

THIS man you like so much is NOT different from the others.

Whenever you start to think about it, take out your phone and read that email again!