40 signs your romantic relationship is getting serious


It’s not just time that makes a relationship go from being a simple flirt to become a real serious romantic relationship.

You can find lots of little signs that show that your relationship is made to last.

These signs are so small, that many couples do not even realize that their relationship has moved into this new phase: A serious relationship with a true love that can last.


  • He is happy to see you arriving at his place with your things for the weekend
  • He helps you carry your bag to his room
  • He listens to you when you tell him how your week went.
  • He bought you a toothbrush
  • He has no problem with your box of stamps under the sink.
  • He doesn’t comment on shampoo, conditioner and other beauty products in his shower.
  • He made room in one of his cupboards for your things.
  • He has pictures of you in his apartment
  • He has books and DVDs of yours on His shelves
  • He has food in his fridge that he would never have bought on his own, but that he knows you love
  • He has a picture of you as his cellphone wallpaper.
  • He has plenty of your hair in his sink, shower and bed.
  • He gave you a key to his apartment.
  • He asks you for help decorating his apartment for Christmas
  • He uses full of “our”, “ours” rather than “my”, “mine”.
  • He lets you use his Netflix account.
  • He lets you choose what to watch on TV
  • He lets you wear his shirts or pajamas.
  • He wakes you up with kisses and hugs.
  • He tells you “I love you” before you fall asleep.
  • He knows what you are ordering at McDonald’s or as a kebab.
  • He scratches your windshield in the morning when it’s frozen
  • He gives you his jacket when it’s cold
  • He lets you taste his plate or his glass at the restaurant.
  • He’s waiting for me to watch our favorite series together.
  • He has memorized the names of your cousins, uncles and grandparents.
  • He has your mom’s and dad’s number on his cell phone.
  • He talks about the future as if it’s obvious that you’re part of it
  • He is happy to plan your summer vacation together
  • He’s wearing the shirt you bought him for Christmas
  • He encourages you when you are afraid.
  • He comforts you when you are sad.
  • He helps you find a job.
  • He accompanies you to the doctor.
  • He’s hearing from your family.
  • He surprises you.
  • He always finds the perfect gift