40 things that go through a girl’s head when he’s not responding to text messages …

When he does not respond to our texts, we take the lead. Like that. 

1 – He must have met another girl.

2 – He plays dead because he doesn’t dare to tell me it’s over. Baltringue!

3 – That’s it, he’s going to dump me. I was sure of it.

4 – Maybe I said or did something wrong?

5 – Don’t harass him, don’t harass him, you’ll scare him away even more. Stay calm.

6 – Really! He was active 3 minutes ago and he is not responding to my SMS? He is alive then.

7 – Unless it is a strategy? He wants to drive me crazy.

8 – Grrrr, he just liked the picture of a poof on Facebook!

9 – Maybe he didn’t get my text. I should send it back, you never know.

10 – Frankly, he does not care about me. If I really interested him, he wouldn’t do this to me …

11 – Let him go! I deserve better.

12 – But I love him!

13 – What if I were to wait for him when he left his job? Or downstairs from his house? No, he’s gonna take me for a freak.

14 – He had his cell phone stolen?

15 – Or he had a car accident. He’s at the hospital.

16 – He was run over by a bus.

17 – Is he dead?

18 – He changed his number without telling me!

19 – No it’s not possible, I must have a network problem. I’ll turn my phone back on. Then turn it off. Turn it back on. Always nothing. It’s really weird!

20 – Hey, I’m going to text myself to see if I get it. Ah yes, shit.

21 – But to what is he playing?

22 – No, seriously, it takes 2 seconds to reply to an SMS.

23 – Seek, look for my daughter again.

24 – Ah, he must be in his cave actually. He needs to refocus on him.

25 – Ahahah, the girl who reassures herself, it’s ridiculous.

26 – I’m going to do a Google search on why guys distance themselves.

28 – Anyway, guys are all the same. Every time it’s the same!

29 – My friends tell me “he must not have his cell phone on him”. No, but the joke! Who doesn’t have their cell phone with them these days?

30 – Maybe I scared him?

31 – I’m more attached than him, so he freaks out.

32 – It may have run out of battery.

33 – I’m going to call him in a masked number to see if it rings.

34 – I don’t understand. We had a great evening last time though …

35 – I had to rack my brains on my own again.

36 – I must move on. Him and me, it’s over.

37 – What if I told him I was worried? No, that makes me look like a poor desperate, and addicted girl.

38 – All right, I’m going to put my phone on silent and put it in the back of the cupboard.

39 – Come on, I’ll take a look one last time …

40 – Oh, his name is displayed on my phone !!!