49 options, what to ask a guy you like to get to know him better

What makes two people fall in love is the confidence to get to know each other better. In other words, communicate. What to ask a guy you like to get to know him better and make him fall in love? Communication should be mostly non-verbal, earn their trust.

To say that you really like a guy you have to know his true passions, fears, and dreams. Are the ones that fascinate you in a man? To find out, you have to deal with emotional issues.

Thanks to these questions to ask a boy, in a fun way you will get to know him better. You will get conclusions about his personality. Just be careful not to turn your conversation into an interrogation.

To encourage him to answer your questions, first create a climate of affection. Answer your questions yourself and have fun. The point is that he must also get to know you more and thereby create a greater connection.

1.- Do not assume that you know him, better ask him

Many times it happens that a girl thinks she knows a boy and even thinks she is in love. As they go out and talk, he realizes that it is totally different from how he thought.

To really get to know a guy that you like nothing better to know for himself. Observe their way of being and listen to what they think about life, love, the future, etc.

1. What is friendship in your own words?

2. Do you like having a lot of friends?

3. What things do you like to receive?

4. What is the best gift you would like to give?

5. What things bother you a lot?

6. Is there something or activity that makes you very happy?

7. What would you not forgive the people you love?

2.- What to ask a guy you like

Achieving conversations with a person to know their true feelings and way of being is not easy. You have to open up, be nice, and earn their trust.

These questions for your crush are meant to be fun. But you have to put the main ingredient, good humor and sympathy.

8. Do you think God helps you just by praying?

9. What or whom are you afraid of?

10. What is the biggest dream of your life?

11. When was the last time you cried?

12. Is there something in your life that you regret?

13. Do you have a memory that you are proud of?

14. What bores you the most?

3.- It does not matter where you have met him

If you like a boy, the most important thing is to create a fun environment with him. When you know what to ask a guy that you like, you have more options to be nice and earn his trust.

It may be that you already know him or have just met him and if you are interested as a man, open your sympathy. These questions serve to liven up a conversation in any setting.

15. What do you like to do to get out of the daily routine?

16. Do you have any outstanding debt with the past?

17. What do you like the most about your country?

18. Are you interested in a political issue?

19. What is the first thing you would do if you won a millionaire lottery?

20. Do you have a complex that you would like to change right now?

21. What do you think will happen in your immediate future?

4.- In love the most important thing is communication

You don’t know if that girl can become the father of your children. But if you know that you want a home where there is happiness and prosperity. This means prioritizing communication.

When you know what to ask a boy what you like and be fun, communication flows. A question at the right time opens the emotional doors to get to know each other better.

22. What do you think is your greatest achievement in life?

23. Have you ever felt defeated?

24. Is there a question that they always ask you that bothers you?

25. Do you still remember the joke that made you laugh the most?

26. Is there someone you ask for advice?

27. Would you like to be famous one day?

28. Where did you spend your last vacation?

5.- Love always needs positive emotions

Love feeds on emotions. Doing things that you like and that your partner shares increases satisfaction and the feeling of being loved. That is why it is important to know your partner well.

These questions to ask your crush are going to put you on the path of love. Is that boy really what you want in your life? Put him to the test by knowing his thoughts and emotions.

29. Do you think it is important to prepare to achieve your goals?

30. What is the last piece of advice that you appreciate the most?

31. What is the biggest lie you ever heard?

32. Do you have a great wish for your family?

33. How was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

34. The last compliment you said to a girl?

35. What was the cutest compliment they ever said to you?

6.- The more you know him there will be more love

More love is felt when more things that we love are done. Knowing that asking a guy what you like will help you get to know him. Know if with him you will have freedom to do what you love the most.

Many women join a man just to feel like his slaves. Many men have ideas that limit a woman. Don’t let it happen to you like so many women.

36. What would you like to do to be 100 years old?

37. What is your best advice that you would give to someone younger than you?

38. What better advice would you give me if I went on vacation to your country?

39. Would you give me your phone number to write to you at any time?

40. Do you think you would like to meet me in person?

41. Do you think you have already come across your twin gun?

42. What risky adventure would you like to participate in?

7.- You deserve a good love to your measure

What to ask a guy you like to know if he is the right person for your happiness? Your happiness is your responsibility, it only depends on you, on no other person.

But some people can limit your freedom, so you improve as a person or get out of their life. You deserve the best, but you are the one who has to build it.

43. Do you think that what you deserve is coming to you in abundance?

44. What would it be like to live with the love of your life?

45. What is the lie you told and did you have a lot of fun?

46. ​​What do you do when you get really bored?

47. What do you like to give a girl the most?

48. Which of your talents do you like best?

49. If I were your guardian angel, what would you ask me?

Knowing a person can be difficult if you are not used to being attentive to their emotions. That attention is earned by knowing yourself.

Use these questions for the guy you like to answer them yourself and get to know yourself better. You can only be happy to the extent that you know the things that make you happy about yourself.