I don’t like my boyfriend anymore, what do I do, will I be in love with his friend?

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I don’t like kissing on my boyfriend’s mouth anymore. Since I introduced myself to your friend, everything has changed. I think I no longer like my boyfriend what I do. Until recently she was sure that she loved him. Is it me or my boyfriend does not make me fall in love enough?

Sometimes it happens that the man you liked once you get to know him stops liking you. I don’t like my boyfriend anymore, he’s not like you thought. You actually fell in love with your expectations.

Suddenly something strange begins to happen to you. Why don’t I like to kiss my boyfriend? You start avoiding it with excuses. It is no longer exciting as before. You realize that he is not the man you thought.

Maybe you keep looking for it out of habit or because you feel sorry for it. Now another boy calls your attention, but your boyfriend makes you feel sorry for him. After all, you are with him because you like me, but everything changed.

1.- I don’t like kissing my boyfriend anymore, what do I do

You cannot forget that he is your boyfriend for many reasons. It is normal that sometimes they have upsets, fights, or misunderstandings, but that is not why everything will end.

Are you with him for something or do you just use it so as not to get bored and pass the time? A relationship is not just kissing, maybe you need to communicate more, know more about their good things.

Put yourself in their shoes. You can’t overnight you can’t say, I don’t like my boyfriend anymore. How is that? A girl doesn’t go around testing and discarding boyfriends.

2.- I no longer like my boyfriend what I do, be nice

I don’t like kissing my boyfriend anymore. Then talk to him, there is nothing better than communication. It may be difficult for you to broach the subject, but you have to be brave.

It may be that he is very confident in the relationship, that he is very loving and you feel sorry to tell him. But it just starts with something like, “There are things that are changing in me …”

Be kind to yourself and never break the heart of a person who loves you and treats you well. Tell him what you feel, that you are confused, that you don’t know what is wrong with you.

3.- Sooner or later you will break his heart

I no longer like my boyfriend, what do I do to make things go smoothly? The best thing is that you do not delay in communicating your feelings. Because things will get worse if you hide your feelings from him.

Even if you don’t tell him, it will show in your body language. Whether you like it or not, your gestures and attitudes will change if you no longer like hugging him, kissing him, and spending time with him.

You have to be honest and kind. Emphasize that he is a good person, that you initially liked me but then things began to change.

4.- Why don’t I like to kiss my boyfriend?

It is very common to fall in love with the expectations we have of a person. You have many illusions, you imagine so many things, but all that is only in you, it is only imaginary.

At first, you accept his way of kissing even though it is not what you imagined. You think you can change it but time passes and you still don’t find what you expected.

The problem may lie with your expectations. If you prioritize your expectations, no one will satisfy you. You have to learn to accept men as they are.

5.- I have a boyfriend but I like another boy

I no longer like my boyfriend what I do, but I like his friend. When my boyfriend comes with his friend I can’t help but rejoice, laugh, and flirt. But for appearances, I have to pretend nothing is wrong.

Like pretending I don’t like a guy, my boyfriend’s friend. I can’t stop looking at him, I hope my boyfriend doesn’t realize it. I do not know what happens to me, but it happens and I cannot be indifferent.

I don’t like kissing my boyfriend on the mouth anymore and that’s a big problem. Could it be that I am losing hope that my boyfriend is more loving? I don’t like routine.

6.- Maybe you don’t love yourself enough

What if you think you have a stable relationship and suddenly another man appears and everything shakes? Not to say, I don’t like my boyfriend anymore, but everything starts to change.

How come you don’t like your boyfriend anymore? It’s not really about your boyfriend but what you do. Are you not doing what you love the most in life?

The satisfaction of a person is not her boyfriend but what she does with her life. Are you not loving yourself enough? Because it’s not about your boyfriend doing something inappropriate.

7.- Evaluate what you are really feeling

It is very easy to complain, I no longer like my boyfriend what I do. But where does this dissatisfaction come from? Love is details and small moments that you are responsible for yourself.

If he is not giving you signs of lack of love, then the problem is with you. If you want to flirt with your boyfriend’s friend then you are not taking your relationship seriously.

– Are you really in love with your current boyfriend?

– Is what you feel for your friend really love or just a passing attraction?

– Are you looking in another for what my boyfriend lacks?

– I feel disappointed by my current boyfriend and he only acted out of spite?

– Do you think you have a future with my boyfriend’s friend?

– Has your boyfriend’s friend noticed you or has he hinted at you?

8.- What can you do if you don’t like your boyfriend anymore

What is missing from your boyfriend, because you say, I no longer like my boyfriend, what do I do? I actually accepted it without being in love. He has a good physique, he is attractive and a lot of fun, but I never felt that spark.

He is a boy that you come to like at first sight, but now I realize that that is not enough. My friends envy me for having a boyfriend like that, but the truth is that I don’t love him.

He is a boyfriend to show off for his attractiveness, but it is not something that fills my soul. What can you do? Love you more, do more things that you are passionate about and if your boyfriend accompanies you, everything will change.