How can I know if my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore, I’m not insecure, but

The best way to know if my boyfriend loves me is by his attitude. Sometimes you have a concern about something you saw or heard, how can I know if my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore? Love is not his promises, but his way of treating you in different circumstances.

Your boyfriend can keep telling you that he loves you, but if his attitude towards you has changed, you have to take a good look. How to know if my boyfriend does not love me? Pay attention to your intuition and follow the following tips.

The love you feel is what you do with your life, not what your boyfriend does to please you. Therefore, when you have good self-esteem, you realize if someone no longer treats you with affection or love.

If you ask your boyfriend, do you love me? He’s going to say yes but watch her body language. When there is love that “yes” is upset in affection or some attitude of love.

1.- How can I know if my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore

The most important thing is not whether your boyfriend loves you or not, the most important thing is that you love yourself. Your boyfriend can continue to love you or stop loving you, it is something that you cannot control.

But your self-love should always be your priority, it is something that you control. When your self-esteem is high, the question, how to know if my boyfriend is cheating on me, should not change the way you love yourself.

Love and the way our relationships turn out are completely 100% our responsibility. If you love yourself and your boyfriend changes, you will always decide well and you will be happy.

2.- Treat him differently from time to time and observe

When you are with your friends, treat them indifferent. You can talk to him whenever you want but he has no right to an answer from you until you want to. He will go upset and you can go after him to stop him.

He will tell you that you are treating me badly or indifferent. And you can say “how do you think? yes I love you ”, this never fails. If he gets upset, it’s because he cares about you.

On the other hand, if he does not leave, it indicates that he does not respond to your actions. Maybe he hasn’t even taken the time to get to know you better. This is how I know if my boyfriend loves me.

3.- Make him jealous with a very trusted friend

How can I know if my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore? By prior arrangement, flirt with one of your friends and let your boyfriend find out and you like nothing else. Play, laugh and be very nice to your friend.

If your boyfriend gets upset he will draw your attention and if you don’t respond he will leave. It’s a good sign that he cares about you. Then you reach for him and tell him, the love I love you, I would never cheat on you, he is just a friend.

How to know if your partner loves you or is it custom? If he does not get angry and does not make any complaints, it means that he does not care about you. If your actions do not affect him, he does not love you.

4.- When he calls you, pretend to be very busy

Another way to know if my boyfriend loves me or not is to pretend to be busy. He calls or writes on the phone and you don’t answer. You even show up online but don’t respond.

When he calls again you answer but you tell him, at this moment I cannot answer you. If he gets angry it means he loves you. After two to three hours you call him and tell him, now we can talk.

How can I know if my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore? You tell him that you are very sad, that you want to see him. If he loves you, he will want to see you right away, but if he comes up with any doubts or excuses, he really doesn’t love you.

5.- Have one of your friends flirt with your boyfriend

Another way to know if my boyfriend doesn’t like me is to see his reaction when my friend flirts with him. She is your best friend and you asked her for that favor. Your boyfriend may want to take advantage or reject your friend.

Your friend has to be very convincing, act like a friend steals boyfriends. If your boyfriend no longer loves you, he will take the opportunity with your friend. You have to trust your friend 100%.

6.- When you are with him, get angry for no reason and go

This is another way to know if your partner doesn’t love you like they used to. If your boyfriend worries about why you’re getting mad, he cares about you. But if your boyfriend is shy he might not stop you.

This test of your boyfriend’s love doesn’t apply if your boyfriend is shy. He may love you, but his shyness won’t let him stop you. But if he is not shy and does not stop you, it means that he cares little about you.

7.- How to know if your partner no longer loves you like before

Another effective way I can tell if my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore is by making fun of everything he does. He may laugh at first, but if you insist on the mockery, he will get upset.

He may turn red with helplessness or he may get angry like a macho, which means he loves you. But if he gets upset and leaves, it means that he doesn’t care about you.

8.- Ask him to prepare the food you like

One way to know if your partner still loves you the way he used to is by asking him to please you with your tastes. Ask him to cook the food you like and even if he does it well tell him that you don’t like it.

You taste his food and tell him, this is the worst I’ve had in a long time. If he is ashamed or angry, he loves you. But if he gets angry and leaves, he is not interested in you.

9.- How to know if my boyfriend loves me: Tease him

Another way I can tell if my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore is by bothering him a lot where I go. The purpose is to see how big your love is. If he gets fed up in less than a week, he doesn’t want you.

If he supports you and still goes out with you, he may not have friends and/or is very insecure. If he gets uncomfortable and demands explanations or looks for the positive side of your attitude, he loves you.

10.- Tell him that you want your space with your friends

That you love your boyfriend does not mean that you lose your friends. So it is normal for him to understand that you need your space with your friends. But to prove “if he still loves you” tell him that you don’t want to see him so often.

How to know if my boyfriend does not love me? If he accepts without explanation it means that he does not care much about you. If he does not accept it or when it is difficult for him to accept it, he loves you.

How to know if your partner wants to leave you? If by doing these tests he does not claim you, you have stopped caring for him. But if he claims you, open it up and tell him that it’s the best thing that ever happened to you.