5 keys of non-verbal love language

In love, the telltale signs of body language

We are all induced by our feelings and our body is teeming with expressions that translate them by characteristic and significant signs revealing what we desire deep within us. Psychologists have carried out research to allow both men and women to detect, but also decode, the specific signs that carry the expression of love and the signs of s**xual attraction in the opposite s**x. There are specific signs specific to men and women as well as more common signs that are found in both.

Discover the signs of bodily interests in women

It is through gestures, sometimes simple, that women highlight their interest. These movements which can be translated by female amorous body language, also called non-verbal language, will, therefore, be more subtle in women in love:

– A woman with an interest in a man will tend to seek to magnify her appearance, in particular by replacing her hair, by combing her hair several times or by playing with a wick which she coils and uncoils around her fingers. Experts agree that these gestures are used to expose the armpits to let out the pheromones in order to disperse them.

– The position of the hands also plays a significant role which marks the interest of a woman for a man and which one notices in the majority of the women. When the right hand is placed on the left hand, it would be an opening sign intended to show that it has an interest in the man it covets. Conversely, when the left hand is placed on the right hand, it expresses a total lack of interest.

– Another revealing clue results in the laying of the wrist against the mouth. This gesture, which is almost an invitation, is a characteristic and particularly eloquent message which reveals that the woman is genuinely attracted to her pretender.

The behavior of a man in love or how to recognize a man in love in secret?

A man in love shows physical signs of attraction of which he is not necessarily aware, but which are generally more direct than those of the woman. They do not hesitate to act frankly and without delay when a woman interests him.

– In male body language, attraction is more often expressed by a smile. A man in love lets appear certain signs which do not deceive, in particular, to indicate his interest. He is more inclined to display his happiness without restraint to the rest of the world. He will be all the more smiling, even excessively, when the woman he covets is around.

– A man who has a certain interest in you will tend to use touch. He will touch his face with his hand, more particularly touch his neck, the lobe of his ears or his mouth. This sustained palpation will clearly show his interest.

– And then, there is this category of men who happen to be more explicit, and who try to come together so that they can look at you with a certain insistence and brush your arm with the air of nothing.

Behavior that shows interest in men and women

Certain signs of attraction allowing to indicate its interest for a partner can be similar from one s**x to another:

– Closeness is one of these distinctive signs in both men and women. Studies have shown that when two people feel drawn to each other, they get closer to each other undoubtedly, and often unconsciously. By assessing the distance between you and the person you are interested in, you will see if you are in a good position to please them. This means that the more the distance is reduced, the more the attraction is identifiable.

To know how to understand the look of a man or the signs of a man who falls in love, it is enough to observe it to decode the signs it emits.

– Whether in men or in women, the look is particularly revealing, because it transmits, whether we like it or not, the deepest inner feelings, whether it is a loving look, a glowing glance or even a dark look.

For a man in love in secret, his behavior will be more of a waiting position, he will observe the person he covets when she is busy, whether her gaze is elsewhere or that she does not see him. He will wait for the lady to interest him, if there is interest in her, he will, therefore, be particularly patient.