5 signs that you are too dependent on your partner

Sometimes love and addiction are confused. And it is not always easy to realize that we have switched to the second category. However, there are some warning signs.

If our partner is to be by our side and support us in the hardships of life, we should not consider him as our lifeline either. Too much to rely on him to thrive in life would be a sign of emotional dependence , which would be far from healthy. Also, if you recognize yourself in one or more points mentioned below, it is time to react.

1- You cancel your plans if your man is not available

You are invited to a birthday, an aperitif, in short you are supposed to be out and you thought you were going there with your companion who crashes you at the last moment because of a problem at work, a bad flu or because ‘He simply does not have faith. Never mind, you will find your friends all alone, it’s even rather nice to spend time with your loved ones , without him from time to time. On the other hand, if this idea seems insurmountable and you prefer to cancel on the spot, it may be time to ask yourself a few questions …

2- You only do activities that you both enjoy

Do you play chess, tennis and have a common passion for cooking? It is a very good thing to have shared interests. On the other hand, do not let that prevent you from indulging in an activity that you enjoy on your own. You are a couple, not two magnets. Blossoming solo will also do you good.

3- You take it for your first aid worker 24/24

As soon as you encounter the slightest bug on your computer, you call it to the rescue without trying to resolve it by yourself. Ditto if the boiler breaks down, you have to change a bulb or you see a spider in a corner. It’s good to be able to count on the other, but knowing how to show a bit of resourcefulness and independence, it’s not bad too. His gaze on you will be all the more admiring.

4- You forgive him everything

Disputes and disagreements are part of the couple. To resolve them, dialogue is of course necessary and the two partners each put a little water in their wine. If it is always you who make concessions so as not to risk losing the other or that he is angry with you, you end up forgetting your own expectations, desires and it is healthy neither for you nor for your couple . A little nerve, what the hell!

5- You never miss a call

Whether you are immersed in the middle of a crisp discussion or watching a thrilling movie … as soon as your phone starts to vibrate and you see its name displayed, you pick up live. Even if it means giving up the mood or missing out on a great “twist” from the film. However, not being available to him by the second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year should not make you love him less. Everything will be fine, you will just remember it in a few minutes. We bet besides that it happens to do the same thing from time to time?