Couple: 8 crisis situations to be resolved at a glance

In the book “Happy couples: 52 crisis situations to be resolved in the blink of an eye”, published by First editions, Claire Delaporte gives us the keys to resolve conflicts likely to harm marital happiness by advocating the “smiley attitude” “.

A book that would get lovers out of all the situations that could lead them straight into the wall thanks to the power of positive thinking, the “smiley attitude”? This is the objective of “Happy couples: 52 crisis situations to be resolved in the blink of an eye” by Claire Delaporte, published by First Editions. Until you get the book and discover all the situations and their solutions declined with great humor, here are 10 examples.

1- When the first time is a cat

So much so that “you don’t even know if it is really worth seeing it again or if you will have the courage to remember it one day, anyway. Whenever you think about it, you are so ashamed that you want to sing very strong at chasing these images. ”

The author of the book wants to be reassuring: “The first times, it’s always rotten”. The solution ? Do as when you fall from your horse, “get back into the saddle immediately”. And it is likely that after the pressure of the first time , the result is much more satisfactory.

2- When he snores

“If the Chinese see it as a sign of good health, you are not Chinese, and anyway, it is your health that suffers, since if snoring , except in the case of sleep apnea, n is not considered a serious problem for snorers, it is one for those who share their bed “.

The solution ? There are many as explained in this bible of well-being in love: drops, sprays, nasal dilator, change of position or even ask your other half to “wear a t-shirt with a pocket but inside out (side pocket) back then) and slipping a tennis ball into it to cause discomfort and make him want to get back on his stomach belly. ”

3- When he wears a curb chain with his first name

“You will tell me, it could have been worse, he could wear a curb chain with the name of his ex”. The author then advises not to attack her jewel (and her tastes in the matter) too head on, but to remain factual by using a sentence falling like a hair on the soup: “Personally, as far as I am concerned, I am not a very gourmet girl. ” And cross your fingers so that he understands your subtle message.

4- When he’s tight

“Greed is one of the seven deadly sins” and yet, “money is in the top 4 causes of disputes in the couple “. Also, to try to get your couple out of this unbearable dead end, “try humor to help them identify the moments when it sucks. Compliment him when he makes an effort” and “keep your freedom to (dis) think , with a separate account in addition to the common account! “suggests Claire Delaporte.

5- When he blows his nose in the shower

“At first, there was the crystal clear sound of the water flowing over his beloved body (…) then suddenly, the drama: a repulsive old noise of blowing nose”. And we must admit that, “in the shower, it’s still the pompom”.

If you find yourself in this situation, the author invites you to speak to him about it as a medical instruction: “A daily nose wash is not essential”, adding that it can “cause drying of the nasal mucosa “. And don’t forget to specify that if you tell him that, it is not because you are completely disgusted by his aqua-blowing but just “for his own good”.

6- When he makes oral mistakes

“You agree on almost everything, except on the use of the subjunctive, the concordance of tenses and the order of the words in the sentence ‘I don’t know it’s who’. It is at the same time little things and a lot”. Indeed, afterwards, you could hear only that and make a fixette.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go so far as to leave it for a few grammatical errors. But to not upset him, avoid using a higher tone or highlighting his faults in public. Prefer the use of a discreet signal that you will have developed together, allowing him to correct his French and preventing you from bleeding from the ears when he speaks.

7- When he has children

Your man is also “daddy” and you hadn’t expected that. Obviously, the situation changes a little for the couple and requires a few precautions so that it goes as well as possible with their children (we grope forward) and avoid pain as much as possible (we only meet them if we are considering a serious relationship with their father because children get attached quickly). The basis for this relationship to be serene: respect (starting by avoiding criticism of their mother!).

8- When he has less desire for s ex than you

“When you met, s ex was several times a day. You even wondered if you were going to keep up.” Today, it is the opposite, you are lacking and your libido seems at half mast . Only, as explained in the book, men can also experience a temporary drop in s exual desire, due to stress, fatigue or because they had a bad day and just do not have the head to do love. That said, the appetite comes with eating, so we must not stop going to him and, if necessary, to tell him things explicitly: “The error is often to think that the other is guessing”.

“Happy couples: 52 crisis situations to resolve in the blink of an eye” by Claire Delaporte, First Editions, € 9.95