5 signs that you’re in love with someone who doesn’t deserve you

Sometimes you only appreciate what you had once you lost it. Some people don’t like us until we are gone. They are so interested and self-absorbed that they are not even aware of things that are not directly and immediately beneficial to them. They are so in love with themselves that they don’t have enough love for you. No matter your efforts, your flexibility or your understanding and no matter how much you love them, they will never change. They will not wake up one day to truly and magically appreciate the wonderful person they have by their side.

They will never embrace your love and give it back to you, because because of their self-centeredness, they no longer have enough love for you. All their time, interest, love and affection are given to them. Like a black hole, they suck in and devour the feelings of everyone around them.

Here are 5 signs that he doesn’t deserve you

1. He lies to you and deceives you

He takes advantage of your trust and lies to you . He never tells you where he is going and with whom. He lives a double life and uses your support. He’s lying to you because you don’t matter to him. The only thing that matters is himself. All the others are tools that he uses and gets rid of as he pleases. He does not love you enough to be honest with you and does not have enough consideration for others to end one relationship before starting another.

2. He takes but does not give

To a certain extent, people who love each other give themselves to each other . They give their time, love and space to their partner. Someone who gives takes care of others and ensures the happiness of others. In a relationship with someone who takes, only one of the two parties gives everything while the other takes everything. Like a black hole, it sucks up your resources, never giving you anything in return. It’s one way with him. It’s his way or nothing. You need someone who accepts that you are an individual, with your own wants, feelings and needs. You need someone who gives more to your couple than they take.

3. He demeans you

He is so taken up with his own life and personal desires that you have no importance in his inner world . Most often, he keeps it to himself. When he is emotionally unstable or nervous, his disrespect is expressed through derogatory remarks. It is one thing to tease your partner and get teased in return, but when someone begins to make malicious comments for the sole purpose of hurting the other, it is time to leave. Someone who loves and respects you will never make you cry, even less if it is in front of witnesses. A black hole, however, will make you cry and make you feel bad because it is in his nature.

4. You can’t count on him

You cannot count on him to support you or to be there where he needs to be, when he needs to . A black hole lives without its own world and is unable to see beyond its oversized ego. He will forget important dates. He will miss special events, such as shows or your children’s games, precisely because he is in his own world. If you need him, he won’t be there, because your needs are just a “disturbance” to him. You need someone to depend on, no matter what. You are there for him, so why shouldn’t he be there for you?

5. He’s more selfish than he is a team player

You are a team. You will succeed or fail together. If one member of a team wins, then the whole team wins. We play individually but win as a team or at least, that’s how it should be. It is said that a black hole is “singular” and it is not for nothing. Anyone who approaches it is doomed to destruction. These people are so self-absorbed that they need to win to flatter their ego – an ego so fragile that it cannot bear to see someone else succeed, even if it is their life companion. You need someone who is moving in the same direction as yours and who is willing to make an effort to get your team on the road to victory, even if they get no glory.