5 things a guy should never know

Are the truths all good to say? Unfortunately no. There are things your guy should never know or he’ll collapse your s**xy capital. It is not a question of dishonesty but rather common sense.

Your boyfriend does not really need to know everything about you to love you and not to doubt the sincerity of your feelings. And that is the most important.

Here are the 5 things on which we will have to do motus and mouth sewn.

1. The Ex: A guy should never hear about

Whether it’s a flirt or the first great love, you keep your love stories for yourself.

Your boyfriend does not need to know the details of your previous romantic relationships to be good with you.

On the contrary, the comparison will be inevitable for him and risks making him uncomfortable.

Also make sure that it does not fall on the texts of your exes, kept preciously in an archive in your portable by nostalgia. It’s as if you haven’t moved on.

Your boyfriend may have doubts about the sincerity of your feelings towards him.

2. The Girl Stuff

Do you have a yeast infection, a wart, or any other inconvenience? The fact that it is not contagious will not reassure him. It’s not glamorous so it’s better to keep a low profile on it. Treat this as soon as possible and we will talk about it more.

The same goes for hair problems or bad manicure. He doesn’t need to know (or worse, see) that. This information is useless, so keep it for yourself. And fix it as soon as possible so that it never falls on it.

Also, menstruation being exclusively female, a boy will not be sensitive to it. He doesn’t know what it is and doesn’t care. Avoid bathing it with your stories of tampons, towels, stomach aches, etc.

You expect compassion, you will reap annoyance (even disgust) from him.

3. What is said between Girlfriends

Your boyfriend doesn’t need to know what you’re telling your friends. And this, especially if you talk about him. Knowing that you are debriefing with others about his personal performance (whether in bed or in other areas) can make him uncomfortable.

When he comes across one of your girlfriends, he will be embarrassed to know that she is aware of personal things on her account. In addition, he will no longer trust you at this level and risks less confiding.

4. Compromising photos

Your boyfriend doesn’t need to see you capable of the worst. If you want to make him understand that you are not won over to him, you can slip one or two anecdotes in this direction.

But, for example, before adding it to Facebook, check your photo albums and limit their visibility. Is it useful for him to see a photo of you completely unleashed at a party that took place 6 months ago?

In the same style, does he need to come across totally anti-s**xy photos of you dating from your super-sneaker era?

5. Small evening slips

Inevitably, when there is a drunken evening, we disinhibit ourselves quite easily. In the heat of the moment and the delusions that are going on, you smacked another guy. Does that mean nothing to you? If your guy knows, he’ll make it a disease.

Forget about touching him with a word, this is better for your couple.