5 tips for a successful marriage proposal

What is the most important moment in a married life? The wedding.
So it is only natural that a marriage proposal should be something almost as important. So don’t miss out and be sure to make this moment unique, unforgettable and … successful!
Here are 5 tips to help you prepare and make a successful marriage proposal to your girlfriend.

Choose the right place

There is of course no such thing as a perfect place. It depends on your relationship and your personalities. Some will find that proposing to marriage on TV is romantic, others will not!
I advise you instead to take into account the following tips:

  • Pick a romantic location. Don’t make your statement in a bar, but rather on a deserted beach at sunset.
  • Choose an isolated location. No need to do this at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on a Saturday afternoon with a horde of tourists around you. You and your girlfriend are going to feel a lot of pressure
  • Do not choose a place that is too isolated (!). Do not make your request on a boat in the middle of a lake. If things go wrong you don’t want to be stuck and have an awkward silence the whole way back.

Pick the right time

Don’t make your love declaration all the time. You should do it when you feel that you are in a good phase of your romantic relationship. You and your girlfriend need to be on top too: Don’t do this when you’re tired or stressed from work.

Discuss it before

Don’t take your girlfriend by surprise. Be sure of the answer by talking to him beforehand. Not in a direct way, of course. But discuss for example your plans for the future and define your relationship.

Prepare yourselves!

Making a successful marriage proposal takes exercise. It’s far from obvious and it’s not something you learn at school.
Write down what you want to say. Write your speech on a piece of paper and reread it a few times until you like it.
Then go in front of a mirror and make your statement out loud. Look yourself in the eye and do all the movements as you are going to do them on D-Day.
Ask a friend to help you if you like.

Dare the original, but not too much

Don’t make your statement like every other couple. If one of your friends has a successful marriage proposal, that doesn’t mean the same will work for you.
Add a little extra detail that only your couple has. Use one of your delusions as a common thread. For example if you are both fans of ice cream, hide the ring at the bottom of a cone!
But don’t overdo it either! Keep it simple. A marriage proposal is a wonderful thing. You don’t have to do much to make this moment unforgettable.