5 ways to woo a disappointed man

Do you like a man but do you think it is impossible for him to notice you because he has suffered a lot in love? Get those ideas out of your mind! Here we will explain how to make a disappointed man fall in love with 5 simple tips.

Each person handles disappointments differently. Men in particular tend to reject the idea of ​​being in a serious and committed relationship if they have been hurt before. They think that if they fall in love, at some point they will suffer another love disappointment.

Conquering these types of heartbroken men is a slow process that requires patience and love.

1. Don’t try to change his personality

If you noticed it, why do you want to change it? Appreciate him for who he is, with all his qualities and flaws. If you let him be, without criticizing or judging him, he will feel comfortable with you and it will be easier to win his trust and heart.

There will be things about him that you don’t like, but they shouldn’t be a reason to make a big argument. If there is something that bothers you enough to disturb your image of a future next to him, then he is not the one for you.

Think of it this way: if nobody likes to be tried to change you, this susceptibility is much higher when you are hurt and disappointed. It is your task to show him that you are different and that you respect and appreciate his way of being.

2. Support him

We all need support. Our society considers that men are like rocks, but remember that he is also human and has moments of weakness where he will need someone by his side to comfort him.

When he asks you for help or calls you to listen to him, show him that you are unconditionally. Your support will be invaluable and will help you earn their trust. This is how you make him fall in love with you.

3. Show your affection frequently

It is not about you all the time telling him that you love him and that he is your world, that will push him away. But you can show that you care with frequent gestures.

How? Write her a message in the morning to wish her a great day, or in the evening to see how she is doing. Prepare his favorite dish from time to time, accompany him in his hobbies, share your time with him, invite him to activities that he likes.

4. Respect their space

Let me miss you. When you are not there, he thinks of you and wants to be with you again.

Spending time apart is healthy in all relationships. It gives you time to do things on your own or spend time with your friends. The time you spend apart provides a balance in the relationship and gives both of you a chance to miss each other.

Another reason to respect your space is that men need time alone to organize and process their ideas. If you talk to him 24/7, even by text, he won’t have time to miss you.

5. Make him feel like you need him (but don’t seem needy)

We know that you are an independent woman who does not need a man, but men like to feel useful. A part of their primitive instinct to provide and protect in the relationship still remains in them.

If you’ve been single for a while, you’ve probably gotten used to doing everything on your own. But if you want to conquer that boy who has suffered for love, then call him and ask for his help the next time you have to do something in which you need support.

You shouldn’t go overboard and ask for help with everything, just a few things like changing a tire or helping you with the move. This will give him a reason to share with you, make him feel useful and show him that you are independent, but you also know how to accept help.

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