When a woman is interested in a man, these are the things she does

They say that girls are more complicated than men. But I think it’s because they don’t know how to pay attention. Because women interested in men give many signals so that they know it. In fact, women give more signals of interest than men, but we are more subtle.

He looks at me a lot but does not speak to me. Don’t waste time, talk to him if you’re interested, that’s what you’re a man for. There are always women interested in men giving signals, but they ignore them. It is true, the signals of interest of a woman are very subtle, but they are more numerous. If it is repeated more than once, do not ignore it, be brave, be more man.

Millions of women interested in men go out every night in search of company. These are the times when men’s communication skills are put to the test. They are very wrong, “I thought you liked it”, which is very humiliating. Men, know the signals of interest of a woman.

Women interested in men, these are their signs of interest

The best communication when it comes to flirting is not verbal. Therefore, when we go out to find a partner it is better to be equipped with a small pocket guide. That way we can decipher the intentions of our potential partners and avoid those traumatic episodes that we all experience.

Women are more difficult to decipher than men. But therein lies the difference between being “a man” and “being a friend.” Women communicate their interest in a man with at least 50 different signals. While the repertoire of signals of men is only 10. We women have it easy?

It is not easy for women, because we are more subtle, we do not want to seem obvious. In addition, women do not give signals all the time, only for short periods. Women can remain without a partner for longer than men.

1.- If a girl fixes her hair in front of you

If he looks at you a lot and doesn’t talk to you but fixes up in front of you, that girl may be interested. If she pushes her hair out of her face, licks her lips, or fixes herself in front of you, she’s interested. She wants to look good to you. Abecés herself can ignore that she likes someone, she fixes herself unconsciously.

A man who sees this should not automatically assume that he has everything easy. It will spoil it, it must be very subtle, conquer it, it has a lot going for it. A girl interested in a man also has to fall in love with her.

2.- When a woman leans her body towards you

When a girl leans towards you when you are talking, it is one of a woman’s signs of interest. But don’t worry, I’m not saying I’m in love. She leans because she wants to listen to you better, she is interested in being attentive and getting to know you better. If you like her, you can take advantage of this detail to make her fall in love.

If the girl, on the other hand, throws her body back, it means that she seeks to remain distant and reserved. Keep in mind that women are more interested than men.

3.- If there is a girl who stops to talk to you and her feet point to you …

When we think of heading towards a lake, our feet immediately point that way. For the same reason, if a girl’s feet point to a man, then she has an interest in him. Guys, when you talk to a girl you like, watch where her feet point.

By this detail of the feet, you can tell if a girl wants to run away or stay with you. Remember that dolls are one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. Women interested in meeting men are very subtle.

4.- The girl who is interested in you can move her lips in a noticeable way

It is unconscious, women interested in men are always playing with their lips. Everything is to attract attention when they are around the man they like. They are very notorious sessions, it can be a simple “sniffing” to drink continuously from a glass, going through chewing slowly.

A woman interested in a man can bring her attention to his lips. It also moistens them more often. There are many women interested in superficial men.

5.- A woman shows her interest in a man by checking his wrists

One of the most sensitive parts of women is their wrists. The same happens with the area of ​​the cervical vertebrae or the shoulders. On the wrist the skin is softer, it is the place where women perfume themselves. When a woman discovers her doll, she reveals a part of her intimacy.

Nudity of the forearms may be just the first step on the path to total nudity. Women interested in men expose themselves with subtle body gestures.

6.- When a woman interacts with the man she likes, her pupils dilate

When a girl feels sympathy or interest in a man, her pupils automatically start to dilate. So in addition to making ever-helpful eye contact to build rapport, the eye test can help us find out whether or not a woman is interested in us.

7.- If a woman’s breasts point to you, she may be telling you: this is the way

One of the signs of interest of a woman is in her breasts, but do not confuse things. We are only talking about general interest, not that they are madly in love. The breasts are another very sensitive part of women. If she makes her breasts stand out, she tells the man the way to go.

8.- A woman who raises her eyebrows in front of a man may be interested

Opening your eyes more is a natural instinct of all living beings when there is something interesting in front of them. You have to be very subtle to observe the circumstances in which a woman shows this sign. It can occur in cases that do not correspond to falling in love.

If there is a man who likes a woman, he will show curiosity and predisposition by raising his eyebrows.

9.- If she does not look away in short distances, she is very interested

There are men who want things fast, there are also women. But for an intimate encounter to happen quickly, the girl first has to show certain signs. For example, if she looks at you very closely, so close that you can hug her and kiss her, go ahead. See if he makes strategic moves to get to your side.

If she looks at you intensely for longer than a friend would, what follows is a kiss without any detours or explanation.

10.- If you see a girl who suddenly imitates you, it will be for something, maybe she will feel an interest for you

When we like someone, we also like their movement. A person we like is influential in what we do. Therefore, it is not strange that if a girl likes you, she will imitate you. I’m sure it has ever happened to you that they do the same thing at the same time. But don’t worry, they are only signs of interest.

11.- Sometimes a girl plays by chance, but if she repeats herself, she may be interested in you

Another of the powerful signals of interest of a woman is when by chance or like playing, it touches you. When this happens, she may be interested in meeting you. Do not think beyond what corresponds to the circumstances. But if you want more, it’s up to you, you already know that you have points in your favor.

It provokes a girl to touch the man she feels most comfortable with, perhaps just as a friend. But take a good look.

12.- There are women interested in men and there are extroverted women who can confuse you

All of the above signals of interest from a woman can mislead you if she is very outgoing. Well, there are women who feel free to look directly at a man, smile at him, and flirt without meaning much. They are not bad girls, they are just very self-confident and allow themselves many freedoms.

If you like a girl like that, just see if she treats other men the same way. If she is more expressive with you, there may be interest.