56 loving, tender and short phrases to make a woman fall in love with you

You are in love with a girl and suddenly someone appears and comes forward as her boyfriend. Do not fall short, use the following phrases to make a woman fall in love with a boyfriend. If you’ve been in love with that girl for a long time, you have every right to let her know.

In love, you should not waste time, because if not someone else gets ahead with that girl you like. She can be your friend and you are just waiting for a good moment to tell her. But suddenly, she tells you that she just got a boyfriend.

It’s horrible to spend that moment. How can it be, if you love her for a long time and you only lack a little courage? Maybe you did not have the words to make a beautiful woman fall in love. But now, these phrases can be magical to make a girl fall in love with a boyfriend.

1.- To fall in love and seduce is to arrive with a lot of love

The following phrases to fall in love and seduce a woman are very effective when you say them with love. That woman can be your best friend or someone you like and will think of you even if she has a boyfriend.

Love comes when you least expect it but sometimes someone gets ahead of you. That’s when you need some phrases to make a woman fall in love with her boyfriend.

1. Just for one night with you I would give you the most beautiful star in the universe

2. It doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend, every time I see you my love for you starts with that look

3. When you smile at him, you have an “I don’t know what” that I like, a charm that attracts me

4. My love is unconditional, I just want you to be happy with your boyfriend, but a single kiss would make a life for me

5. Your look drives me crazy, the way you laugh makes me passionate, I can’t imagine what will happen to the way you kiss

6. When your boyfriend gives you a star, remember that in each star he leaves a kiss for you

7. Every time I’m about to tell you that I love you, your boyfriend appears, then I tell you with my eyes

2.- Phrases to make a woman fall in love with her boyfriend

Sometimes fear is stronger than the love we feel for someone. We don’t have the courage to tell her how we feel and even worse if she has a boyfriend. You just need some nice and effective words.

Many guys using these love phrases achieve what they never could before. Let her begin to notice and think about them. These phrases to fall in love will make her change the way she looks at you.

8. You are like an elusive butterfly, but you know that I am after you just to admire your beauty.

9. For me love is your lips, my happiness your look, and my world feel your desire to be loved

10. I don’t want to separate you from my life, it doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend, I just want to admire your beauty

11. I make a thousand plans for when you break up with your boyfriend, calculating and dreaming what my first kiss with you will be like

12. I dream that you are in my arms, that I kiss you like a delicate flower and I caress you with all my love

13. Everything beautiful I see sounds like you, anywhere, at any time, everything is my world

14. I want to make my soul my pen and my heart inkpot, just to write “I love you” in your dreams

3.- When love arrives, receive it with these beautiful phrases

When you look at that girl and you feel something go through your heart, love has arrived. Sometimes it catches you so off guard that you don’t even consider that she already has a boyfriend. Then you think it will be impossible.

But it is not impossible, just look for your word in these phrases to make a woman fall in love with her boyfriend. When she sees the good perspective you give your love, she will not be able to stop considering you in her heart.

15. I can’t explain how I feel about you, even though you have a boyfriend, you are so important to me

16. My love for you is like the sun that when it reaches your eyes, it is only to give you the warmth of my love

17. You fascinate and enchant me in a way that I cannot explain that I dream of you in a thousand loves in my arms

18. I know you so little, my friend is your boyfriend, but I feel that I love you forever and that you are for me

19. I’m not afraid of dying or that your boyfriend gets angry, what I’m afraid of is living without your kisses and your skin

20. Every time we go through a garden together the flowers ask, is love that you tell us so much about?

21. Seeing you smile enchants and warms my heart, seeing your eyes and your lips makes me dream of wonderful moments

4.- Nice phrases to make a girl fall in love with her boyfriend

When you like a girl who has a boyfriend, you may think that there is nothing to do or that it is forbidden. But who can forbid you to smile and treat a girl well?

No one is inappropriate or forbidden to become an attractive man. The following phrases to make a woman fall in love with her boyfriend are about, inner progress.

22. It makes me happy just to see you, it doesn’t matter in your boyfriend’s arms, I love that you’re happy

23. I know that loving you is a crime because you have a boyfriend, but if I steal a kiss, I will feel like a lucky man

24. You are a sweetheart with pretty eyes and lips that I want to savor

25. I am willing to love you all my life for just a secret kiss every time we see each other.

26. The more I see you in your boyfriend’s arms, the more I miss you, the more I love you and the more I need you.

27. When the sky is cloudy and my eyes are about to cry, it is because you do not let yourself see

28. Next to the most beautiful rose you are the one who dazzles the most in my world of love

5.- If she is your first thought in the morning

Become the man she could fall in love with just by looking at him and feeling him. To fall in love with a woman with a boyfriend, you have to become someone more attractive than her boyfriend.

If you do not stand out more than the boyfriend, why will he look at you? You have to achieve the best version of yourself so that some phrases to fall in love with a woman with a boyfriend are magical.

29. You have always been my dream, my illusion, and my happiness, but you noticed another and still I love you

30. I have never met someone as wonderful as you who steals my heart with just one look

31. My plan is to live off the crumbs of your love, from the few looks, smiles, and words that you give me

32. Maybe you don’t understand, how can I love you if you have a boyfriend and you hardly look at me?

33. I’ll steal a kiss from you and I’ll make up millions of more kisses with the same flavor, moment, and passion

34. Give me just a moment in my arms, I hope you feel my kisses and caresses all night

35. Give me a single chance with your lips and all your skin will find out where true love is

6.- If you are really in love, get over yourself

The best way to attract the right woman into your life is to show off your best attributes. Have confidence in yourself, a good sense of humor, be determined, thoughtful, talkative, etc.

If you do not develop these attributes internally, it will be difficult for you to fall in love with an intelligent and beautiful girl. Only if you achieve self-love do these phrases make sense to make a woman with a boyfriend fall in love.

36. I dream of kissing you and it’s like losing track of time, caressing you is like flying to heaven

37. I’m sorry for your boyfriend, but from here to your lips and even your eyes, there is only a desire for a lot of love

38. I dreamed that I was your boyfriend, that you told me it was the best thing that had happened to you, I woke up and believed it

39. Every time I see you smile, you become the reason for my happiness and the reason to be better every day

40. I have fallen in love with my friend who has a boyfriend, what a great sin, but how nice it feels to steal a kiss

41. Every night when I burn my pillow I hug a wonderful dream by your side, being very happy and successful

42. Every night I ask an angel to bring you my good night kisses and my caresses, be happy my love

7.- Dedicate words that make her smile big

When you become an attractive man she will pay attention to you, it does not matter if she has a boyfriend. When you dedicate phrases to make a woman with a boyfriend fall in love, she will appreciate your appreciation.

For example, if you give him flowers and at the same time say one of these phrases, he will surely smile and thank you. Imagine that the first thing they read when they wake up is your message.

43. I just want a moment with you to tell you the wonderful life I dream of by your side

44. Your boyfriend does not love you as much as I do that without having you wish you the best of life, that you are very happy my love

45. I am not one of the promises, but my intention with you is to love you more than I say and make you happy more than I can.

46. ​​I want to kiss you as many times as I think of you and I want to think of you as many times as the sun illuminates a flower

47. Every time I see you and hear your smile, it is as if it drugs my life, but a love drug that does me good

48. I want to have you in my dreams all my life, I want to love you with small moments and I want to make you mine this moment

49. I want to enter your life to never leave, for your love, for your happiness, and for building a wonderful love

8.- To make a girl fall in love with you, choose well what to say

We don’t know exactly what context you live in. Therefore, when you are looking for phrases to make a woman fall in love with a boyfriend, you will not always find what you need.

So you don’t just have to tell him what we recommend. Much better is that you look for something that you like and adapt it to the context you live in.

50. I do not promise you anything, just look at my eyes, feel a single kiss and let my hands caress your skin

51. Every morning I wake up very early to look at your window and steal all the caresses you dream of

52. Your boyfriend can never love you as only I can love you because I prepare my kisses with the flowers you love

53. I dream of stealing a kiss, caressing your skin, and I dream that I wake up when you wake up and you tell me “love”

54. Every time you look at me I become a sailboat that sails for the love of your skin

55. Your look makes me fall in love so much that I don’t know how your boyfriend doesn’t realize it. It’s a nice secret between the two

56. I miss hugging you secretly, feeling the passion of this forbidden love, I miss your desire

With each of these phrases to make a woman with a boyfriend fall in love, you can create an auspicious scenario. It is up to you to be emotional and manage to move that friend who has a boyfriend but you like him.

You have to make her feel special and loved. The more original you manage to be, the more you will impact her and the more she will take you into account when she reflects on her love life.