6 evidence that you are with a man who is not interested in you at all

When love comes into our lives, we feel happy, and we do everything to keep it. But unfortunately, the flame of love can go out overnight without any apparent reason. If your man has changed his attitude, you do not know if he still loves you as before, and he does these things, then you have to make a decision.

For a few months, your Jules has not answered your calls, he is less and less present, and even when he is with you, you feel he has his head elsewhere. His attitude disturbs you, doubts overwhelm your mind, and you do not know which way to dance with him. In this article, we’ve put together a list of signs that show you’re not interested in it anymore.

1- He does not answer your messages:

Even if he is going through a difficult time, even if he has the greatest worries in the world, a man who loves you will always find time to devote himself, and will never dare leave your messages unanswered. If your spouse is no longer responding to your messages for no apparent reason, you may need to start asking yourself questions. 

Know that if a man does not respond to your messages, it simply means that he does not want to talk to you. So stop looking for an apology, and accept the fact that he does not want to be with you anymore. It’s not easy to turn the page, but sometimes it’s the only solution you have left.

2- He is never present during the difficult moments of your life:

When a man loves you, he is always there for you, for better and for worse. When you are sick, he goes to the doctor’s, when you feel depressed, he listens to you and advises you. However, a man who is not really in love is not very attentive, he is not able to help you or listen to you.

If you have recently had problems, and your spouse was not with you, it means he does not like you. Do not waste your time with him anymore.

3- He only talks to you when you post something on social networks:

He has not spoken to you for a good week, but as soon as you posted your new beach photo on Facebook, you received a notification from him. But be aware! That does not mean that he is in love with you.

Indeed, a man who does this is mostly attracted to your physique. By sending you a message, he simply wants to remind you that he is still there, he wants to get your attention, and know if you still have feelings for him. 

4- He often forgets your birthday:

Men know that no woman in the world would want her birthday forgotten. That is why loving men do everything to remember the date of their darling ‘s birthday. 

If your spouse did not call you on your birthday, do not believe all the excuses he can make. He does not really like you.

5- He avoids appearing with you:

Unlike a man who just wants to have a good time with you, a man in love is proud to show up with his wife, he wants everyone to know her, and he does not stop talking about her to his friends and his family. 

If you have been with him for several months, but you do not know his friends, and he has not yet introduced you to his family, you must probably forget him. 

6- He cancels your head-to-head:

Whenever you plan on spending the evening at home or doing an activity together, but he calls you at the last minute to tell you that he has to watch a football match with his friends, and that he can not see you? This man does not love you!

A loving man will make you his priority, he will make sacrifices, and will do everything to see you and spend time with you.