6 keys to know you’ve fallen in love

Did you know that you get kinder and more generous when you are truly in love? You also start to be a better person, not only to make the other person happy, but because it comes naturally to you.

How many times would you say that you have truly fallen in love in your life? Many times according to some people, but the vast majority confuse love with mere infatuation.

When we talk about love, we talk about that feeling that arouses ur interest and ur commitment to another person. It goes beyond the simple desire to have s**x with someone or that we like them.

Do you have difficulty recognizing the signs of love? Read on, we’ll tell you everything!

Have you really fallen in love?

1. You become addicted to this person

The first sign to trust to know that you’ve truly fallen in love will be that all of your attention will be focused on that person. You’ll want to know what she does, what she likes, and what interests her.

This results from the fact that the interest it generates goes beyond the physical. You will want to know his plans and support him in the process of achieving the goals.

This is where the discussions take place that allow you to get to know the other person in-depth.

You will also want to share with your new partner anything that interests you and makes you uncomfortable. Give yourself the opportunity to do this as it will allow you to bond stronger.

2. You want your loved ones to approve of your relationship

Another sign that shows that you have truly fallen in love is that you start to tell everyone about this person. This is quite normal if you consider that your friends and family largely determine what you consider to be right and desirable.

If until now you have always kept your personal relationships a secret, you might surprise everyone with this new attitude. But do not worry. This is a good thing and you should continue to do so.

Take the opportunity to be attentive and know the opinion of your loved ones. They have a more balanced perspective and their perspectives can help you understand if this is the right person.

It is also very important that you learn to determine whether the opinions of your friends and family are sincere. Indeed, they could indeed be influenced by a kind of jealousy.

3. You stop looking for potential conquests

You lose interest in other people when you are in love. Even if you are very drawn to s**x or have always had several partners at the same time, you will focus on one person.

You might even find yourself comparing others with this new person. Obviously, the latter will always be the one which obtains the best results in this comparative process.

It all started as a flirtatious flirtation and you don’t know if the person feels the same way as you? So talk to him and explain to him how you feel.

4. You start to see the long term

Thinking about plans with the person you truly fell in love with is inevitable. This can range from simple plans, like going to the beach or the mountains or exercising together every morning, to living together or having a child.

We sometimes have doubts when we envision the future with another person. It is nevertheless a natural step when we have full confidence in the other.

In that case, let it unfold. Make sure, however, that you only have realistic limitations that will help you maintain confidence.

If you feel this freedom and confidence, follow your intuition vigilantly. But don’t stop making plans, even more so if they mean having fun.

5. You will strive to be a better person.

The next key to knowing if you have truly fallen in love now involves paying more attention to what you do and who you are.

It doesn’t mean you were a bad person before. It’s just that it becomes necessary to be the best version of yourself when we are in love.

This is very positive because you will be more inclined to make the changes that you had postponed. However, it is important to always keep your feet on the ground.

Remember that you cannot change everything. So you need to be prepared to accept things that don’t turn out the way you want them to.

6. You become more generous and kinder

Another key to knowing if you’ve really fallen in love is that all of a sudden you become a nicer person. Not only will you want to make that person feel comfortable, but you’ll be more tolerant of everyone around you.

You may suddenly find yourself doing things that you were not interested in before. Or that you want to support the causes that motivate the person you love.

It is not a question here of seeking to receive validation from this person. This is indeed something that really comes from your heart.

How do you know if you’ve really fallen in love? Which of these signs have you noticed?