6 little habits that make happy couples last

Laugh, thank yourself, sleep at the same time … Discover the key ingredients that will allow you to make rhyme “love” with “always” in your relationship.

1 They have common interests

As time goes by, happy couples continue to practice common activities: jogging , video games, horror films, cooking, travel … Each couple needs to share things together and share find new ones to cultivate long-term happiness and union.

2- They are going to sleep together

It’s very simple and yet effective because going to bed at the same time makes each evening a special moment allowing the couple to fully find themselves in intimacy before bed, as Melissa Orlov states. , author of he ADHD Effect on Marriage.

3- They kiss

Many couples no longer kiss . However, even a kiss on waking and going to bed, while maintaining the habit of walking hand in hand in the street is important to cultivate tenderness and physical proximity. Your couple will gain in happiness and longevity.

4- They trust each other

Rather than exhausting ourselves from watching someone else’s cellphone or suspecting them of all ills, placing our trust in the other will offer more serenity to our relationship. Mutual trust is a firm and reassuring foundation on which the couple can rest and flourish with complete peace of mind.

5- They thank each other

The “I love you” is beautiful, but knowing how to thank the other as soon as he does things for us is just as important. And gratitude is one of the ingredients that make couples happy … happy.

6- They laugh

A good marrade in love, even after a few decades, it is still as enjoyable and it creates a climate of complicity within the couple. And humor is also a good way to defuse conflicts between partners. To reiterate as often as possible therefore.