6 weird things that happen when you find the right person

Finding love already is not easy. And once we find it, we always wonder if it’s really the right one. When we are in a relationship with someone who really matches us, certain things happen. So here are 6 weird things that happen when you find THE right person.

6 weird things that happen when you find the right person

First of all remember: There is not just one single person who can make you happy! Sorry to destroy the myth, but no, we don’t have ONE soulmate. With more than 7 billion inhabitants on earth, you might as well say that it would be a bit of a panic if we only had one person who really corresponded to us. 

1 / You argue

Yes yes, you read that right! It is very healthy to argue within a couple. The reverse is not a good sign at all!

If you argue, it means that both of you are able to say what you think. That is to say, to be yourself. 

It also means that you are able to tell yourself and talk about what’s wrong with the relationship. Even if it’s screaming or crying and it’s frankly not pleasant at the time … A good argument puts a lot back in place!

2 / You feel emotionally stable

If before, with your exes, you tended to ask yourself existential questions of style: is it really the right one? I don’t really like when he does that, is that normal? Oh and then what am I going to do with my life? I don’t really feel fulfilled in my relationship…

Today, you feel serene, everything happens naturally and for the best. There is no drama, no hours spent hoping for a message, no emotional lift, no canceled appointments!

You two are obvious.

3 / You are stronger together to overcome obstacles

With your exes, you didn’t even want to tell them about your problems because you knew they didn’t really care.

When things were not going well, you told your friends about it, or you took refuge alone under your duvet or in front of a good series or a video game.

Now that you’ve found the right person, you feel stronger than anyone. Capable of climbing mountains, going through storms, nothing scares you since you are by its side. Because you know that both of you will always be there to protect and support you.

4 / Your heart is pounding when you see him

Obviously, this is a sign that fades over time. But when you fall in love, no less than 12 areas of the brain work together to produce hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline or vasopressin that make you euphoric. 

So, when you have found THE right person, your heart will tell you because it will start to beat very hard, without you asking for anything.

5 / You like to be alone with yourself

And yes, maybe it can also seem strange to you but when we have found the right person, we do not feel obliged to be permanently attached to them!

When you’re good with someone, you want to be with him often, normal. But we also like to be alone, to enjoy ourselves. We know perfectly well that the person will not forget us, we do not make “bile”. 

And then we leave to miss and better find ourselves!

6 / You wonder every day how the day went

If you have found the right person it means that you both feel very invested in the relationship.

And, if you are invested, it means that your partner’s day is important to you. Each day, when he (she) comes home, you ask him about his day and he (she) does the same with you.

It may seem strange and especially insignificant, however, it is a real proof of love to worry about the days that your partner has spent!