5 symbols of love you should know

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, so it is not surprising that there are so many symbols of love! Many lovers regularly offer these symbols of love to prove to the loved one that they are their reason for being. What is beautiful is to note that despite the time that has passed, many symbols of love still persist today and prove once again that love is stronger than anything. So here are 5 symbols of love that you should know today.

5 symbols of love you should know

Today we are going to see 5 symbols of love but there are many others! For example, you can have your own symbol of love with your partner. It can be a photo, a pendant, a soft toy…

Symbol of love # 1: The heart

Obviously, how can we speak of symbols of love without evoking the heart? When we think of love, the first thing that comes to mind is the heart. It is undoubtedly, indeed, the most known symbol of love.

During Antiquity, the heart was a symbol used to represent the center (the heart) of emotional, spiritual, moral, or intellectual activity.

It can be offered through cards, drawings, emoticons, chocolates, lollipops, boxes…

The heart, symbol of love, is most often bright red and sometimes crossed by an arrow.

But why is the heart represented like this? Why does it have this shape?

You have to go back to Antiquity to understand the origin of this shape symbolizing the heart. The question arises since the organ of the heart is clearly different from its representation!

Under Ancient Greece, ivy was often depicted mixed with vines on pottery. Over time, its shape has become the stylized heart we know.

But it was above all from the Middle Ages in Europe that painters began to replace real representations of hearts with the stylized symbol. The transition was made gradually.

In the fifteenth century, Leonardo da Vinci sometimes used the symbol on his diagrams of the human body.

Symbol of love # 2: The red rose

How to speak of symbols of love without mentioning the rose? The rose is the flower of roses, a plant in the Rosaceae family. The term “rose” comes from the Latin rosa, which designates both the flower and the rose itself.

From Antiquity, the rose was venerated. It was indeed considered as a gift from the gods to men. The Greeks and the Romans cultivated it and used it in particular during the nuptial ceremonies. She was also considered the flower of Aphrodite (goddess of love).

In the Middle Ages, the rose symbolized the beloved woman in “The Roman of the Rose”. This poetic work was at the origin of many other representations of the rose as the embodiment of love.

Red roses are the flowers of love, the flowers of passion. Their beauty, their sweetness, and their scent almost come from dreams, sensuality. Besides, we often put rose petals in the bath or on the bed when we are about to spend a romantic evening at home.

Today when we offer a red rose, it expresses love at first sight. Two roses; a request for forgiveness. Twelve roses; a marriage proposal. 

Symbol of love # 2: The swan

The swan is the symbol of love but not only. It also represents grace, purity, beauty, and sincerity.

It is not surprising in view of its natural elegance, its beauty, its shape, its coat, that the swan has become a symbol of love.  Note also that these wonderful white birds maintain monogamous and faithful relationships and are therefore the symbol of eternal love.

Symbol of love # 4: Cupid

Cupid, in Roman mythology, is the son god of love and the son of Venus (goddess of love). Cupid becomes Eros for the Greeks.

The difference between Eros and Cupid?

Eros, in Greek mythology, was represented as a very handsome man. In the most famous representations, we see him carrying a bow which shoots arrows capable of triggering love in the hearts of gods and men.

Cupid, in Roman mythology, is represented in the form of a blond and playful child. Most of the time, with wings. He is always accompanied by his bow and quiver filled with arrows. Cupid is today a very popular symbol, which we often see especially on Valentine’s Day.

Symbol of love # 5: The dove

If the dove is a symbol of peace, it is above all a symbol of love! Known to keep her “partner” until death, this beautiful white bird is also a sign of loyalty.

We also often find doves on wedding invitations. Also, instead of having rice at the exit of the church, you can see flocks of doves.

Its origins are very ancient since, since Antiquity,   doves were offered as a sacrifice to the goddesses of love. Besides, Aphrodite, goddess of love, is often represented with the dove.

In Native American culture, it is not uncommon to be offered a dove feather as a declaration of love.