Behaviors of a man in love: 6 signs that he really loves you

Not always easy to spot the behavior of a man in love! You have to differentiate a man in love from a man who is interested in you.

Behaviors of a man in love: 6 signs that he really loves you

The behavior of a man in love # 1: His gaze

The look is the reflection of the soul we often say. And it couldn’t be more true in love! A man in love will devour your eyes, especially in the early days of the relationship.

If you have been together for a little while, he will continue to look at you but more with tenderness than with passion. Which is even better! This means that despite the time and the obstacles crossed, you still have a special place in his heart.

Obviously, if you’ve been together for years, he’s not going to spend his life staring into yours. But you sometimes see him watching you while you are reading or cooking. You know you still like him, there is no doubt about it!

The behavior of a man in love # 2: He made you a beautiful place in his life

He introduced you to his family, to his friends, he is proud of you and wants to show you to all the people who are dear to him.

He makes you his priority. If you don’t live together yet, he makes himself available as soon as he can. And, if you live together, you see that he makes an effort to spend quality time with you.

The behavior of a man in love # 3: He listens to you and tries to understand you

It is often said that men come from Mars and women from Venus. This is in particular the reason why it is often difficult to make a man talk about his problems (but not impossible!).

Your sweetheart, even if he does not always understand you, does everything to make you happy. He understands the importance of listening and does not get upset when you tell him about your problems or your workday. He knows how important it is to you and is happy to discharge you.

The behavior of a man in love # 4: He supports you

He supports you in all your projects and your success is important to him. He respects you 300% and your personal development is as important to him as his.

If you want to change jobs, for example, he will work with you to find the best solution and will help you.

The behavior of a man in love # 5: He accepts you as you are

He accepts both your qualities and your faults. He knows that you are a little manic around the edges and sometimes too jealous but he has gotten used to it and even finds it cute.

He is aware that he can never change you and has never tried to do so. He also knows that he himself has faults that you bear and that is what makes the beauty of your couple. Together, with your qualities AND your faults, you form the most perfect of imperfect couples. 

The behavior of a man in love # 6: He is really present in everyday life

A man in love will do anything to discharge you. It did not get stuck in the 18th century like many others. For him, household chores go through equitable distribution.

If you cook, he will do the dishes. If you go shopping, he will do the housework … He does not wait for you to repeat 15 times that he has to do this or that. He feels just as responsible for your daily life as you do.

The behavior of a man in love # 7: Your success makes him happy

A man in love will be proud and happy about your success. Your happiness contributes to his own happiness! He is empathetic with you: are you suffering? He also suffers. You are happy? He is happy.

He has no superiority complex at all, on the contrary. If you succeed better than him in terms of professional life, he will be extremely proud of it. He can even boast of having a sweetheart at the top of the top.