7 signs that your relationship is falling apart

As a couple for a while, you have felt that things are different today. You gradually move away. But what are the signs that your relationship is not at the top and how to remedy it?

You thought your relationship was made to last. And yet. In recent times, you have moved away from each other. If the break is not imminent, there are a few signs that do not deceive. Maybe it’s time to react?

1- Your romantic evenings no longer excite you

The butterflies in your stomach and the passion for one-on-one dinners are far behind you. Even if you live together, the prospect of spending an evening with him at the restaurant or at the cinema does not enchant you at all. Why not stay at home quietly? In fact, you no longer feel that spirit that lived in you at the start of your relationship. It may be time to rekindle your couple’s flame with a few simple tips.

2- When something good happens to you, it is no longer the first to know

You (finally) had this promotion that made you dream so much for months. While your sweetheart should be the first to know, you are calling all your friends and parents to tell them the news. And for your partner, he will know it tonight (or not) at home. Do you still share a lot with him today? Think about it … Communication is one of the keys to a healthy relationship.

3- You forget the little details he told you

“Ah well, I did not remember anymore…” If he confides to you things that you often forget, it may be because it seems irrelevant. And if these little details are not a priority in your mind, how will the rest evolve? Re-couple as not to reach the point of no return.

4- Long-term projects are the last things you think about

If you have not yet passed before the mayor after years of relationship, you must surely be questioned by your loved ones (“why don’t you marry him ?!”). But honestly, marriage is the last of your concerns. You talked about it a long time ago, but the idea was quickly abandoned. And so much the better. Because saying “I want” to your partner … no, you can’t even imagine it! You may still be together because you are used to being together, not because it makes you happy.

5- You have the impression that he never does the right thing

Hear him breathe, his way of doing the dishes, his way of eating … Everything gets on your nerves. His every move has become unbearable. When before, it never bothered you. You have started to notice his “faults” because your feelings for him are gradually disappearing. But rest assured, there are tips to save a worn-out relationship.

6- You no longer have any common interests

Happy couples do not always have the same interests. However, they share a few. Talk about your day with a cold beer in the evening, go hiking, watch a series … No matter what you did before, today you like totally different things. Cultivating your secret garden is good. Not sharing anything anymore is worrying.

7- You have a hard time forgiving him

Sometimes he did something and you didn’t care. But not anymore. You blame him for forgetting to call you once you got to his parents’ house or for forgetting to systematically turn down the toilet bowl. You blame him for everything when you would have easily forgiven him before. But keeping your resentment to yourself is unhealthy. Exchange is the key to a healthy relationship. Except you can’t get over it. It is different. And then it may be necessary to take the necessary measures ( a simple break can sometimes be enough to boost a relationship) so as not to get lost in this relationship that no longer suits you.