7 signs that you’ve met a really good man

It is sometimes difficult to realize this because we tell ourselves that it is too good to be true, or that we do not deserve it, but it is quite possible to find the man of his dreams! How to know, to be sure? Follow the guide! Here are 7 signs that you’ve met a really good man that even the most cynical and skeptical of you can’t contradict!

1 / He makes you laugh

The base! One of the best and fastest ways to win someone’s heart! Does he try to make you laugh regularly, at all hours of the day and night? And he succeeds successfully? It may sound silly but it’s a great sign!

2 / He is a feminist

Is he fighting for the female cause, or at least is he wholeheartedly with her? He considers that man and woman, failing similar beings, are equal? That your role is not confined to doing laundry, cooking, dishes, and children? Does he respect both men and women? It is an immense quality still too rare nowadays!

3 / he is nice

Is your mankind, adorable, compassionate, always attentive? Believe me that in the long run, it will make all the difference!

4 / You are His driving force, but He remains independent

You are a central element of his life, and he no longer considers things without you … Without being totally dependent on you, no! He knows how to take charge, and, if the distance is difficult, he knows how to deal with it, because he has sufficient maturity and perspective.

5 / He is curious

And try to find out a little more about yourself every day … And not just a physical level, no! If he seems more interested in your cleavage than what you can tell him… Flee!

6 / He is single and available

A criterion that may seem obvious … But that is not that much! If your crush is married / in a couple, then go ahead, don’t interfere with a couple’s stories. Sometimes, too, a man may be single, but is not at all looking for a new relationship, at least not at the moment … Don’t force things! Wait, or continue your research, it’s up to you to see if it can be worth it!

7 / Between you, there is this little something

That spark, that indescribable little thing that makes you say it’s good, and vice versa. You feel that it is not only a physical attraction, no it goes far beyond … So go for it! Because when you are both old and with graying hair, the physical dimension will no longer matter much for the two of you.