What men do when they are in love?

ah what wouldn’t we do for love? What is certain is that, if your man loves you, he will be ready to move the mountains! Or more simply, will show you proofs of his love through small everyday things … So here is what your guy will do if he is deeply in love with you! This list is not exhaustive, and he obviously does not have to do all of this to prove to you that he is indeed in love, but if he fulfills most of the cases on this list, then you certainly not to worry about his feelings !!

Examples of things he will do for you

You know that you will always be entitled to a message wishing you a good awakening and a good and good day, even if you had an argument the night before.

When you go out with your friends, you can count on them wishing you a good evening, and staying awake until they can wish you a good night.

When he’s with you, he doesn’t feel the urge to check his phone every two minutes.

He plans for the future including you, and it is certain to happen.

He is very close to your entourage in general. To the point that it can become embarrassing …

… And if not, he will do anything to impress or please them, because he knows it matters to you.

He will listen to you carefully when you tell him all about your day in detail, even if he is exhausted from his working day.

You are able to hold a conversation only with emojis, yes, without any other words. And you understand each other perfectly.

He will kiss you on waking, even if he knows that your breath will not be fresh… (well anyway his either).

It won’t bother him that you take him on an endless shopping spree … Or at least he won’t show it!

When you have your period, he will take care of everything, and will do everything to make your life easier. Yes, even going to prepare a hot water bottle or buy something to make you feel better.

He will be carried away by his friends because he will not stop talking about you …

When he is in the evening, or doing any other activity without you, he will send you a cute little message telling you that he regrets that you are not there, and that he thinks hard of you!

It makes you its priority, not just an option.

He may not necessarily say “I love you” frequently, he will make sure you know and feel it.