7 Things Every Romantic Woman Would Like Her Man To Do

If you are a romantic woman in front of the eternal, and you can’t get tired of watching beautiful comedies that end well in a loop, then you will inevitably recognize yourself in this list of these 7 things that any romantic woman would like her man do !!

1 / Let him serenade you

Maybe many would consider this the height of cucul, but admit frankly, look out the window (or better, stand on the balcony if you have one!) And see your man downstairs, guitar in hand, declare yourself all her love of her beautiful voice, it has something to make you feel unique, and wanted like never before! Enough to project you as the heroine of the most beautiful love stories … Because yes, sometimes, it takes very little for fairy tales to become a reality!

2 / Let him put one knee on the ground…

Not to redo your laces you will understand! Although all marriage requests must be personal, and personalized, there is nothing better than the classic knee on the ground, followed by the most beautiful declaration of love there is! Admit it, if you’ve been in a relationship with your sweetheart for a long time, and you spin the perfect love, that’s what you hope he does with each meal spent in a restaurant together!

3 / Let him suddenly take you in his arms

A delicious feeling that all romantic women love! Let their man suddenly come and lift them from the ground to take them in their arms. What place in the world is hotter, more pleasant, and safer? A magnificent proof of love which is often sealed with a sweet kiss …

4 / Let him hold you in his arms until you fall asleep

Aah, this delicious feeling of well-being that you feel when you are warm in the arms of your darling, under a thick blanket … Enough to have sweet dreams, want to stop time and want to stay in bed all your life! Those who do not dream about it have certainly never experienced this delicious sensation with a man they loved!

5 / Let him comfort you when you need it

Even romantic women who see life positively go through more difficult times. But what makes these moments bearable is the presence of their man at their side! Kisses, caresses, hugs, wise advice… What more could you ask for to recharge your batteries and put things into perspective on your everyday problems?

6 / Let him play Prince Charming from time to time

Of course, no one is perfect! But a romantic woman likes her man to get into the skin of the handsome, charming and seductive prince charming for a few moments! Let him surprise her by visiting her unexpectedly, in a chic suit, a bouquet of roses in her hand, to kidnap her for a surprise romantic date!

7 / Let him make you feel unique and loved every day

Basically, what women want most is that: their man make them feel unique and loved every day! They want him to constantly remind them of how irresistible they are and how much they could do without them in their lives. May he show them affection every passing day, even in the smallest gesture, the slightest little word, the smallest attention … Because after all, that’s love too!