7 things men only do with the one they genuinely love

Man or woman, by the way! Because yes, necessarily, we do not act in the same way with a friend or one who has taken up all the space in our life. In the same way, we can support much more than our other half than anyone. Some men can look awfully boorish simply because he doesn’t consider you (and they are poorly educated too). However, if they were in love, they would act very differently. So here are 7 things men only do with the one they genuinely love.

7 things men only do with the one they genuinely love

1 / He accepts your rhythm of life

When a man loves a woman (and it obviously works the other way around), he is ready to accept his rhythm of life, and even to adapt to it. Let me explain. Often, when we decide to live together, we often see our rhythm of life turned upside down. For example, Madame likes to go to bed early while Monsieur can stay awake until 3 am. Well, a man truly in love, will make the effort to sleep with the one he loves in order to adapt to his rhythm.

Personally, when I met my man, I was in Hypokhâgne preparation, so I had to get up very early in the morning (6:30 am). He had started his business and worked from home. Before meeting me, he was more the type of person who worked at night and slept during the day. But once with me, he got up and went to bed at the same time to take my pace!

And, even if it doesn’t adapt perfectly to your rhythm, one thing is certain: it accepts it and never blames you for it!

Obviously, this is only possible if you have similar schedules. If one works by night and the other by day, it is much more complicated!

2 / He tries to be seen by your friends and family

A man in love will be keen to be seen by your friends and family. And yes, the gaze of the people you love is very important to him because he knows that the opinion of your loved ones counts.

So he always behaves perfectly. In front of your family, he is polite, humorous, helpful. In front of your friends, he tries to be fully accepted in the band, to participate in the activities or evenings that you do with them … In short, he wants to show that he is there, present for you.

3 / He is ready for many sacrifices for your happiness

Sacrifices, compromises, a man (and a woman) does little or very little when it comes to others. But for the chosen one of his heart, a man will be perfectly ready to do it! It can be small sacrifices, like bigger ones.

An example: The brother of a friend has been in a relationship for five years with Marion. But Marion wanted to find work in Spain because she no longer supported France. Sylvain, my friend’s brother, to accept because he knew that bullying him in his desires would not do anything good for the future. So, he is waiting for his transfer and should join her in 6 months!

But it can also be small sacrifices for example, your friend has an evening planned with his friends but now your family arrives unexpectedly. He will stay with your loved ones for at least a few hours to please you.

4 / He fights for your couple

If he has to make an effort, he will make it. He wants to make you happy and is ready to do many things to make you smile. He will be ready to leave his Playstation (ultra cliché, I know), to spend more time with you to the detriment he used to grant to his friends. This does not mean that he forgets his desires and needs on the contrary!

Like you, he tries to find a balance so that everyone is happy. And, let’s say it, especially you!

5 / He cares about your loved ones

If one of your loved ones is not well, he will be extremely affected and will support you during this painful period. He considers your family a bit like his second family.

Also, seeing yourself sad because of one of your loved ones touches him enormously and he will support you to the fullest. You know you can count on him. And, moreover, even your family can count on him!

6 / He listens to you with attention

A man who doesn’t care about you, will listen to you with one ear (and again). But a man really in love will listen to you attentively, will not forget anything of your words. He will listen to your moods, even if it is the hundredth time that you tell him about them.

He knows you need to speak and accepts it perfectly: if it feels good, then it makes him happy.

7 / He is proud of all your accomplishments

A man who sincerely loves you will be proud as a rooster of your achievements. He will even live them through you! He will be overjoyed when you have a promotion or when you manage to do the marathon.

His pride is second to none: he is proud of everything you do and supports you even in your wildest projects!