The ideal man is not what you think

When we seek love, we often tend to establish a long list of criteria that we would like to see in our man. And yet two things really matter when it comes to love.

The first is to love. The second, to be loved.

Does it sound silly and simple? Yes. So why do you continue with your list of criteria? The man you love may not match anything you imagined or dreamed of!

The ideal man…

What is the ideal man after all? Well, the ideal man is the one who will make you feel strong even when you feel vulnerable. The one who will light up your day just with his smile. The ideal man is one who will not make empty promises, who may not be comfortable with words but who will prove to you by his actions all his love.

Whether he is handsome, rich, strong, intelligent, funny, matters little! Because it is by loving it that you will find it strong, rich, beautiful, funny, and intelligent! The ideal man will tell his friends how lucky he is to have met you, he will want to meet your loved ones, your family, your children if you have any.

The ideal man does not judge you.

He doesn’t judge your behavior a bit bizarre, or your tic, knock, or fads. He loves you in his entirety: as much for your qualities as for your faults.

He listens to you carefully when it is going well and when it is not going well, he is always there for you and his arms open automatically when you are ready for him.

The ideal man will never try to change you either physically or mentally because otherwise you would not be you and it is you who fell in love with you.

He will deliver

The ideal man will have no trouble indulging in you because he considers you as his accomplice, his confidant. The man who would follow you to the end of the world, just for your beautiful eyes …