7 tips to keep a man in love and by your side

All at some point we have wondered how to keep a man in love and who only has eyes for us.

Let me tell you that it is not as difficult as it seems, it is just a matter of learning that secret formula to know him very well and seduce him until he goes crazy.

Here are some tricks to enchant him with love for you.

1. Learn about their tastes and interests

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices, like stopping watching our favorite movie so that he can see his football game and, why not? From time to time, watch a game with him or accompany him to the stadium.

Although soccer is not so much fun for us, think about it! Everything is to share time together and be part of what fascinates him so much.

2. Give him his space

From time to time you have to leave it alone and share it with your friends. Free time does not hurt anyone; Besides, I’m sure he will miss you.

3. Be a retailer

They also like details. You must let him know how much you love him, how much you want him, tell him that his new cut makes him look attractive, or prepare his favorite dessert.

4. Value what he does for you

It is important to recognize him when he is trying to help you with cleaning (even if he has only swept where the visitor passes).

You can also wear that dress that he gave you, even if he chose it in the color you hate the most. Trust me, he will love you!

5. Light the flame of passion

Dare and take the initiative! There is nothing they love more than you promote the act.

Let your imagination fly and get creative! From time to time do something out of the routine: seduce him, caress him, study those weak points of your beloved to make him go crazy.

6. Become his best friend

Make him feel like his confidante. Nothing better in a relationship than having a good friendship. Enjoy a pleasant conversation and have him tell you about his problems at work.

Taking the time to listen to it will be ideal to strengthen the trust between the two of you. Advise him, but above all, support him in his decisions, motivating him to achieve each of his goals.

7. Respect him

I know, it is tempting to see his cell phone alone and abandoned on the bedside table saying “check me out”, but don’t you dare! Men detest a persecuting woman who wants to be in control of everything.