7 ways men test a woman and how to overcome them

t the beginning of a romantic relationship, the man and the woman put hidden “tests” or “traps” on their partners or suitors, unconsciously or consciously, to see how they react to these unexpected situations, and thus know if it really is. of the right person to have a long-term relationship and seek a common future.

How you respond to these tests will determine the tone of your entire relationship.

Did you know that the tests he puts on you can also tell you a lot about what he really is like and what things he values ​​above all others?

What is the advantage of knowing these tests that men give you?

If you learn to pay attention, you will not only know how to behave with each of its “traps”, you will also get very valuable information from each one that will give you an advantage later.

Contrary to what you might think, not all tests need to be “passed”, what’s more, some of the tests that men do to women can reveal so much about themselves that they give you the opportunity to reverse the game and apply a new test but in other terms.

The tests that men most often apply to women have to do with the way of thinking, common interests, and, oddly enough, sarcasm.

To better understand them, let’s see below the 7 most frequent tests that men do to women when they start a relationship:

Test number one: measure your level of intimate reciprocity

When men are really interested in a woman, they will do their best to have some kind of physical contact with her: a touch, hold her hand, hold her by the waist, invite her to sit very close to him, etc.

When they have already started dating and feel greater mutual trust, the man will try to climb with his movements to try to have greater physical closeness with you; He can lean towards your face, try to kiss you, or go further in order to find out how willing you would be to go to bed with him and in how long.

This test is one of the most immediate at the beginning of the relationship and can lay the future foundations of it since according to your reaction and disposition, the man will understand if he should slow down and wait for you to want to be with him, or if it can speed things up a bit based on your signals.

If you’re interested in getting intimate a bit, that’s fine and there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as it’s your decision and you’re not giving in to a rushed experience just because you don’t seem disinterested in the guy or a bit dated.

But if, on the contrary, you reject the situation and even so he seeks to continue it, then you will also know if this is the right man or not for you, it all depends on your way of thinking about intimacy, if they have already known each other for a while or if you consider that he is not respecting your personal space and your decision.

The field of intimacy always requires the consent of both, so more than seeking to pressure you to have relationships, the man who really feels interested in you will know how to expect you to want the same while continuing his advance in other areas to meet you and fall in love.

The important thing here is that from the beginning both of you are clear about what you are looking for: a formal and lasting relationship or just a casual relationship. This may be the difference that would make physical intimacy a way of knowing, understanding, and enjoying both of you or a way of satisfying your needs but without considering a greater commitment.

Test number two: measure your interest in their tastes and hobbies

Another strategy that men use to test women is to see to what extent she is interested in their tastes and hobbies. That a couple has a mutual interest in certain activities or that they share some tastes is vital to sustaining the interaction over time.

For this reason, the man will seek to know how much interest you can show in the things he likes, such as sports, video games, television series, or other things that are an important part of his lifestyle.

It is very likely that you are not interested in all this, and you do not have to seem the number one fan of everything that comes to mind, but showing openness and willingness to learn is an excellent strategy. In fact, it is much better than just pretending that you are also a sports expert, because eventually, he will realize that you are not.

Consider that just as he tests your level of compatibility with his things, you also have the right to put him to the test and explore how much willingness, patience, and genuine interest he shows in your affairs.

Test number three: measure your level of understanding and tolerance for sarcasm

A resource for men to appear more intelligent than women and at the same time a little more interesting is to use sarcasm to refer to certain situations or to make some kind of joke or comment.

To know if he is really serious or if he is just making a joke, your best option is to continue the conversation; If you are good at detecting sarcasm, you will not have difficulty, and it will even seem funny to you. But if, on the other hand, it is difficult for you to understand or it seems offensive, it is necessary that you make him see it so that both do not fall into misunderstandings.

Sarcasm is quicksand, sometimes it can be an intelligent way of joking, but in others, it becomes a sneaky way of criticizing and attacking, so it is extremely important that you be attentive to how he is using it. does it directly refer to you or other people? In what context do you use it?

Oftentimes, if the man uses sarcasm as a joke, he will laugh himself and look at you as if waiting for your reaction: this is your opportunity to laugh or to respond with great intelligence as well.

On the contrary, if sarcasm is used to attack you or criticize you in a sneaky way if it seems offensive or impolite, it is your opportunity to make him see that you do not like these things and clarify the way in which you expect and deserve to be treatedz.

If you allow the relationship to walk through the murky waters of disguised abuse from the beginning, you are exposing yourself to a situation that may end up hurting you emotionally. If the guy is really interested in continuing a relationship with you, then he will change his attitude and treat you as you deserve.

Test number four: measure your spirit of adventure

Men generally tend to have a spirit of adventure greater than that of women; they are usually more into extreme sports or high speeds when driving.

In this case, the proof may be that instead of the traditional invitation to the cinema, he prefers to take you climbing, and this may upset you, but it is at the same time your opportunity to show if you are also adventurous or if, on the contrary, you prefer calmer things.

Remember that in the phase of getting to know each other, these sudden adventures allow both of you to observe a different panorama of the other person, for example, how he reacts to situations of danger, stress, or social pressure, and is an excellent way to see if with Based on his attitude, he is a person with whom he wants to extend the timeshare or not.

Test number five: measure the breadth of your thoughts

If the man is really interested in a girl, he will try to put tests or “mental traps” on her that allows him to explore her way of thinking, for this he can start a debate with her that covers different social and cultural issues such as politics, health, the religion, the values ​​and principles that he practices and defends, his studies and the things that move him the most.

In these types of conversations, rather than approving or not passing the evaluation, the master move is for both of them to be able to express the things that they are passionate about because it is their ideals that will allow them in the future to be able to get even closer and consolidate ties that last in the future. time.

Sometimes these tests are presented in the course of time. Sometimes they are people who met in a certain context such as at work and who have not been able to expand or deepen the thought and set of beliefs of the other person.

This is perhaps the most constant test that both men and women perform on each other, as it is what will allow them to discover if they actually have similar interests that allow them to consolidate a relationship and a future family.

Test number six: measure your tolerance to their independence

Men are generally very independent and when they decide to start a romantic relationship, although they know that they are sacrificing part of their independence, they also seek to test the waters to find out how much they are losing it, so the first thing they want to find out is how much of their independence you are able to tolerate.

But calm down! It is not about independence in which each one will live their life apart and they will only coincide for certain things because that would not be a relationship. Rather, it is about establishing a limit of respect between the things of the couple and those that each one, for their own psychological well-being, needs to do separately.

Things like working, going out with a couple of friends, going on a weekend hike, staying to play with his nephews, doing some sports, or just stopping to rest a bit and watch TV are things that men need to do and what to do. they require your understanding.

If you look closely, they are things that are also convenient for women because it is a way of conserving space for your friends, your studies, and your personal growth.

Couples may well choose to do many things together, as well as keep some separate, the important thing is that both can be mature enough to understand and accept it without exceeding the limits of the other or of mutual affection.

Test number seven: the consideration test

This is a test that remains slightly underhanded throughout the first few encounters. Its objective is to determine the way in which you consider that you should be treated by the man and at the same time the way in which you consider treating him.

At this point, a way of managing the relationship is established and of measuring what types of attitudes are allowed and which are not. For example jealousy, arguments in public, out-of-place calls for attention or severe criticism in the face of friendships, reproaches, and mistreatment, manipulations, among other factors that allow us to see how the relationship develops and what considerations they have for with the other.

A relationship, to be healthy and lasting at the same time, implies that both people treat each other with respect, without humiliation or humiliation; without mistreatment or aggression of any kind.

It is possible that at some point they will have some discussion or disagreement, but it is the way they handle it and resolve it that will tell them if the other is a person with whom they want to spend a good part of their lives.

The same applies to the different situations that may arise in the life of each one: the death of a family member, work difficulties or goals achieved. Depending on how each reacts to support the other, the level of consideration and empathy they have for each other will be seen.

The consideration test is very important and transcendental to determine the way in which the relationship is being built: if you allow some kind of inconsiderate treatment or if you incur in treating it in an inconsiderate way, this can cause the relationship to walk along the lines of toxicity, or that one of the two simply prefers not to continue with it.

Although the tests that men put women through at the beginning of the relationship may seem a bit annoying, in reality, they are the perfect opportunity for both to make themselves known as they are and to be able to raise what they want and expect to receive from the other, generate empathy, get to know each other and, after a few weeks or months, be able to draw a more long-term vision of the relationship or define if it is really not convenient.

Also, it is worth clarifying that you are not obliged to exceed all the expectations of that boy, and that there is a great difference between innocent evidence and without bad intentions, and those that may violate your self-esteem and your autonomy.

According to the way you cope and pose your principles, values ​​, and your way of seeing things with total ease, without accepting coercion or manipulation, man will understand how far he can or cannot advance with you, what waters he can navigate by your side and in What other areas can both be a team, but best of all, as he discovers it, you discover it too.