8 sentences even stronger than “I love you”

There is stronger than “I love you”!

We all dream of hearing a “I love you” coming from Jules every second. Some are even able to do everything to get this sentence out. However, there are more beautiful declarations of love than these words which are often qualified as magic. We have listed for you sentences much more touching and more important than “I love you”.

1.I respect you

“I respect you” says a lot about your relationship. If you take the trouble to think carefully about this sentence, it quickly takes precedence over a “I love you”. It means: “I respect you for what you are, but also, I respect your opinions, your values, your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, your desires … and I give importance to your feelings, your intuitions , your feelings… “. You immediately feel a great gratitude towards the one who respects you and lets you be natural. To feel respected for your singularity is the most beautiful feeling in love.

2.I support you

Even if you feel his presence and his support on a daily basis, hearing him say “I support you” will bring you on a little cloud of happiness, unlike the phrase “I love you” “which has become so commonplace. It can imply that he is proud of your plans and that he will always be there to support you. When you go through hardships, it will remind you of your values ​​and beliefs. But he will also be present during your victories.

3.I will always be there for you

In love, it is important to feel reassured about your feelings and to know that the other will always be there for the best as well as the worst, and that, forever. “I will always be there for you”, the person who tells you this sentence is the one you can always count on. It will have more effect than yet another “I love you”.

4.Don’t change

When we fall in love, we love the person with his qualities and his imperfections, and as he is then, why want to change him? If your Jules really loves you, he can naturally say “Don’t change” or “I love you as you are”, which means that you are perfect as you are in his eyes and that you don’t need to. ” go to a gym 5 times a week or change your dress style to please him.

5.It’s in the past

The best proof of love your man can give you is to say, “This is the past.” It’s stronger than a “I love you” because it means he’s ready to move on with you and forget about his past instead of brooding over it. He is ready to communicate and take your feelings into account since it is the most important now and from this moment on.

6.I would do anything for you

The guy who says he’ll do anything for you actually loves you. It’s a very touching statement that is a great substitute for the magic words you’ve been waiting for. This implies that he is capable of doing anything to save you, and that if by misfortune, a murderer was sleeping in you, he would serve as an accomplice. What is certain is that he will love you no matter what you do. It’s up to you to see if you will be satisfied with a “I love you”.

7.I need you

“I need you” is the phrase that rings even louder than “I love you”. It touches you deeply and immediately gives you the impression of being unique and essential in his eyes. You feel loved and reassured. If your guy says it, know that it’s way better than the magic words you want to hear from his mouth more than anything.

8.you make me a better man

“You make me a better man”. If your Jules comes out with this sentence, it means he has changed for the better thanks to you. He, who was a womanizer, now knows the word fidelity, he who likes to spend his time lazing around in front of the TV, now appreciates the moments of calm with you when you two, you read in bed or on the sofa … It is much nicer than hearing a reflex ‘I love you’, don’t you think?