8 signs announcing the end of a couple

When you choose to a couple, you do not imagine how much so much will change in your life. Indeed, there is a real difference between the relationship I aim for and the one I live.

At the beginning of the relationship we are at the TOP, completely blinded by our hormones and the fairy tales that we have been told being small. We feel invincible in the relationship.

Once this state has passed, each one is revealed over time, as it really is, then gradually, we will start to go from disillusion to disillusion.

And over the months, years, communication becomes more and more difficult, if not non-existent, a misunderstanding takes place, conflicts become recurrent…

It is not always easy to recognize what is wrong with our relationship or to admit that we are in denial. We refuse failure or suffering.

Here are 8 warning signs that announce the end of a relationship:

1 – Lack of communication:

It is essential to talk about what is right but also what is wrong. Communication allows you to move forward and above all to realize if you are on the same wavelength, in the same boat and if you want to move in the same direction.

If one of the two does not want to communicate anymore, chances are that you no longer want to be with him or her with you.

If you are convinced of the contrary, you will need to be creative to recreate moments of intimacy that facilitate communication.

2 – You are bored:

Again, the euphoria at the start blinded you. You felt happy, he made you laugh short everything made you crack at home. Then over time, you realize that you are bored with him and that ultimately you do not share much.

So either you talk to him about it concretely, you express your expectations, your needs and he collides, or you trace your route.

“The greatest boredom is to exist without living”
– Victor Hugo

3 – The repeated arguments

You argue for not much! If you feel irritated as soon as he opens his mouth, that is not a good sign!

If you get hysterical because he didn’t put this or that thing in his place, bought the right package of pasta, chose the right tv program … STOP !!! There is a simpler and more honest way to break up.

Take responsibility, courage in both hands, and start a discussion to end the relationship.

4 – You no longer have intimacy

We are ok to say that we can have a drop in libido for X reasons and that this does not mean that the separation is imminent.

Now, we can also admit that having a fulfilling intimate life, shows that you feel good by your side. If you no longer have a desire for your partner, you will have to ask yourself the right questions!

Why ? are you still in love

5 – The flight

You run away from each other.

Being in a relationship means no longer being alone, which implies a change. Some of your habits will have to be changed because you have chosen to share your life with this partner of choice. So normally, you should feel happy.

So if you spend your time fleeing to be alone, you will have to ask yourself some questions.

Perhaps you have been alone for a long time and need a little time to adapt to this new life as a couple?

Perhaps you had a mad desire to join a couple but it was just not the right time?

What is this couple preventing you from being, from doing to the point of wanting to run away all the time?

6 – You no longer have the same interests

You were the ideal couple, always on the same wavelength, you always had something to tell you, to share.

Together you have grown up in this couple and little by little your points of view have evolved differently. Despite all your attempts, nothing changes. You are still on the same train, but no longer in the same wagon.

After the misunderstanding settles indifference, then the end of the relationship.

7 – You have no more attentions

You no longer have any small attention towards each other.

However, it is these little gestures that show the intention that we have for our partner!

So why don’t you have those little touches anymore? Because he doesn’t give you any more? If this is the case why wait for a gesture to act? Stop not making efforts just because the other is not doing it!

Or you just don’t feel like it anymore and then take action. Why stay in a relationship that no longer brings you anything, for which you no longer want to make an effort?

8 – He deceived you

Here is a very thorny subject! In some cases, infidelity does not always mean the end of a couple. This may be the alarm signal, the ultimate act that makes you react.

For others, it is unforgivable, and it is a proof, that there is no more love.

Forgiving infidelity is not given to everyone. The road may be long to regain the confidence of the beginnings.

If you can’t accept the deception, don’t waste your time trying to figure out “why”.

It is better to end your relationship because it is certain that you will make them pay and at the same time you too.

So what are the warning signs that reflect your reality or that you feel settled in your relationship?