8 signs that you just weren’t made for each other

Despite all the love you had for your ex, you have to face the facts: you were not made to stay together for the long term. Here are some signs that should have put you on the chip.

Despite a hectic romantic relationship, you started to have doubts about the long-term viability of your couple? If your story is now over and you may be heartbroken , it is certainly for good reason. In order to (re) comfort you in your choice.

1- You did not have the same life plans

To have or not to have children is the question. If you want to start a family, check that you are on the same wavelength as your partner is a must. If he had no desire to become a father (or if, on the contrary, he dreamed of a large family and you only consider your life as a couple), no need to regret this relationship, you will inevitably run to your loss …

2. You wanted to move (and not him)

If living in the city is only a transitional period for the needs of your career and you dream of a quiet little life in the countryside or by the sea, check that your partner is receptive to this type of environment . Lifestyle is very important. And if you didn’t have the same aspirations on that side, you didn’t have to bite your fingers, you weren’t made to live together.

3. It didn’t work with your friends

Friends, we very often say that it is the family that we choose. Already you have to accept your own parents, but if in addition you have to separate from your friends to satisfy your lover, it’s a blow to make yourself super unhappy for nothing. Without the need to become “BFF” with your boyfriend’s friends, it is very important that you still enjoy them a little and vice versa. If it was not the case, it must have certainly become an element of frustration within your couple. No regret, therefore.

4. You didn’t have the same timing

Everyone is old enough and above all, the expectations that go with it. In life, as in a couple, there is no point in rushing. If your partner was itching to put the ring on your finger as quickly as possible and it did not attract you at all (you even felt a lot of pressure), you did well to not accept. It is indeed one of the harbingers of an unsustainable relationship.

5. You felt lonely

There is nothing worse than feeling alone when you are in a relationship. If you were passionately in love but your companion was not ready / committed enough / not attentive, no need to linger. To be perpetually awaiting the other is not healthy. So have no regrets if this was your case, a separation was necessary between you.

6. You were tearing yourself apart

We can love each other, sometimes the respective characters of each make that a long-term agreement is simply impossible. Despite all your efforts and yours, you still could not have a serene daily life? No sooner had you finished reconciling than it was gone for a ride? It was undoubtedly a sign that it was time to take separate paths.

7. You didn’t have the same value for money

The financial aspect is one of the leading causes of divorce today, so it is not a parameter to be overlooked, far from it. Did you disagree on how to manage your bank accounts and your priority expenses? Don’t think about it, it would have ended up shattering everything …

8. You were blinded

Passion is good. Moreover, it is often the very first feeling that naturally invades us at the start of a relationship. The only problem is when this devouring passion begins to become too pervasive, even blinding. By dint of reveling in a chemical (and toxic) physical attraction, you had isolated yourself from your circle, you had tolerated unacceptable things , you were no longer lucid enough? It is that you no longer had the perspective necessary to be happy in this relationship.