9 commandments to make a long distance relationship last

Tips for living well away

“Out of sight, far from the heart”, some are in tune with this saying and do not wish to live a romantic relationship at a distance, others discover a beautiful prospect that promises to spice up the story. Whether it’s a handsome Italian you met during a stay in Rome, your man moving from Nîmes to Grenoble or love at first sight with an Englishman during your school exchange year, your relationship is not doomed to failure. . If your other half is miles away from you, here’s a list of tips for building a long-distance relationship.

1. Confidence you will have

” What is he doing ? “” Who is he with? ” ” Where is he ? “… These are the questions that most often torture and can cause stress. But you have to learn to live with it, and especially to trust if you want love from a distance to work. Trust is the key to a healthy relationship. By having confidence in the one you love, you will sleep soundly and you will not spend your nights saying to yourself “He sees another, I can feel him!” “

2.Jealousy, you will banish

Are you jealous by nature? It is not too late to change at the risk of becoming completely paranoid. Do not try to control his life from a distance, do not analyze all these facts and gestures on Facebook. Let it be clear, attacks of jealousy in a long-distance relationship are prohibited. It can turn a beautiful love story into a real nightmare. Never forget that if you are together, it is not for nothing. Tell him all your doubts and he will reassure you.

3. Any news, you will give him

Distance amplifies fears and all other worries. If for a couple said to be “normal”, the lovebirds have time to flirt and play hide and seek, for a couple who lives a love affair from a distance, it is a Russian roulette wheel for romance, but also for nerves. You will need to know this before daring to step “no news”.

4.The webcam, you will turn on

Thanks to Skype, it is easier to live an LDR or Long Distance Relationship, however, you don’t have to do too much to avoid the routine. Skype meetings have to be the most anticipated times. Thanks to the webcam, you can see yourself smiling, chatting and laughing. Plus, it’s nicer than talking to yourself while staring at the wall.

5. Time, you will devote to him

Finding time to see each other is the very basis of a lasting long distance relationship. Forget the girlish weekends and plan at least two long round trips per month to reach it even if the money is not flowing in your wallet. There is nothing more wonderful in the world than seeing him waiting for you at the station with a big smile and hugging you.

6.The future, you will discuss it

Yes, we know, talking about the future scares all men. But it’s important to know if you are on the same page and if you have the same goals in life, but also to see if the relationship is serious. The magic formula for a successful long-distance relationship is to plan and believe in them. Because we are far away, we have to hold on to a ray of hope: a romantic weekend and why not settle down together. If it feels like this long-distance relationship will stay as such forever, maybe it’s time to stop before it’s too late.

7.His address, you will not forget

Email, Facebook, Skype… Do you already have them, and his postal address? It is important to have him to surprise him with a love letter, a package for Valentine’s Day or his birthday, and why not also make a surprise by visiting him. Because romanticism has to exist even if you’re in a long-distance relationship.

8.Your feelings, you will declare

If within a normal couple, great declarations of love rarely happen, because sleeping together every day says a lot about the relationship, for those who know the distance, it requires effort, just to remember why we broke our piggy bank for train or plane tickets. Forget the “I love you” all the time; a simple “I’m thinking of you” is already a great thing.

9.You’ll live your life

It’s not that your boyfriend is far away that you will forget you have a life too. If you don’t want to suffer from the distance, go out with your friends, play sports, learn to cook, go to the spa, go shopping … indulge in all the things that give you well-being. The more busy you are, the more you will forget the distance that separates you.