9 embarrassing moments every couple has ever experienced

When we are in a relationship, sooner or later we experience embarrassing moments. The fart that escapes without warning, the presentation to parents, the rules that arrive at the wrong time… Discover 9 embarrassing moments that all couples have already experienced.

1 – Burping or farting without doing it on purpose

You have always been very careful not to burp or fart in front of him. Until the day it came out on its own. Hyper embarrassed, you tried to justify yourself. In vain.

2 – Presentation to parents

Meeting the in-laws is always an essential stage in the life of a couple. Sometimes it goes better than others. Because we are likely to make mistakes, to say misplaced things …

3 – Dealing with the foul breath of the morning We may be in love, we must admit that it is always embarrassing when the other blows us above in the morning with his breath to take off the wallpaper!

4 – being surprised by your stepmother

The worst part is when it happens the first weekend you spend with them. So that she has a good image of you…

5 – Having your period at the wrong time

You were both very excited and then, in full swing, your period occurs. It was not really planned, since they disembark a little when they want. But all the same, it’s damn embarrassing …

6 – Show yourself as you really are

One day, your man came home earlier than expected. And there he saw you singing your throat out with a brush for a microphone. All in panties.

8 – The wrong recipient

You wrote an email to your best friend in which you told her about your antics last night. With ALL the details… And he was the one who received it!

9 – running into your ex on a date

You are walking hand in hand with your new lover when suddenly you bump into your ex. Nothing more embarrassing …